Wrap It Up Jewelry Designs

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    Established in 2001, Wrap It Up Jewelry Designs are original, one-of-a-kind wire wrap jewelry creations, individually handcrafted with fine metals and gems by Jeff and Mary Tullock. All gemstones, cabochons, and dichroic art glass are hand selected to ensure the highest quality.

    Both graduates of The William Holland School of the Lapidary Arts, Jeff and Mary hand pick and cut each of the stones and cabochons used to make this very unique wire wrap jewelry.

    Snake Skin Jasper Earrings

    Each piece is made with special care and attention to detail, and is guaranteed for life against defects in materials and workmanship.

    Swarovski Crystal Bracelet

    All of our designs are created using either solid 14k gold, 14k gold-filled (rolled gold) or sterling silver wire. 14k gold-filled is a layer of 14k gold mechanically bonded under heat and pressure to one or more surfaces of supporting base metal, then rolled or drawn to a given thickness.

    Black Ammonite Pendant

    In the jewelry industry the quantity of gold must be at least 1/20th by weight of the total product.

    Malachite Pendant

    The finished product thus has a surface layer of gold of the appropriate karatage, which is very thick compared to gold plate or the heaviest electroplate (or gold plated) material.

    Lapis Lazuli Pendant

    Gold-Filled items are generally considered life-time products, and the gold layer will not wear off, as it will in electroplated products.

    Rhodocrosite Cabochon Pendant

    Sterling silver is composed of 925 parts of pure silver and 75 parts alloy, usually copper.

    Caribbean Cabocon Bracelet

    Wrap It Up Jewelry was originally formed in 2001 as Bead Happy jewelry designs by Jeff and Mary Tullock. In our Tennessee studio, we have created many different styles and works of art, yes art. Each piece of or wire wrap jewelry is artwork you can wear.

    Rose Quartz Donut Pendant

    The finest quality Wire Wrap Jewelry by Jeff and Mary Tullock, We hand cut our own Cabochons and gem stones then wrap them in 14kt rolled gold or sterling silver.

    Tube Onyx Pendant

    Wrap It Up Jewelry official site: www.wewrapitup.com



    1. “Wrap It Up Jewelry Designs” purchased some of my pendants and sold them off as their own, hardly “one of a kind.”

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