Virgo Moon Jewelry

Virgo Moon Jewelry

Virgo Moon Jewelry is available exclusively at their official website which is and it is at this website where you can also learn all that you need to know about this very special brand of jewelry that is one of a kind to itself as a rule. What is that sets Virgo Moon Jewelry apart from other jewelry out there? Well, Virgo Moon Jewelry is jewelry that is expressive in its own way and adjusts very well to suit the personality and overall tastes of its wearer.

Virgo Moon Jewelry is in creation by people for people and is for those who truly love and value the presence of beads and stones in their lives. Virgo Moon Jewelry came about in 1990 and has been going very strongly since that time. People just truly love it! It is nothing very sophisticated in detail, more like down to earth and creative on all fronts. It is in wearing by real people and is real jewelry.

Virgo Moon Brooch

These hand-made pieces of jewelry capture both the eye and the attention very easily from a distance. It is because they truly do stand out in their own way and are natural in delivery. Mary Hicklin, who is the owner of Virgin Moon, gave her company the name after the astrological observation that her moon was in Virgo. She also refers to her pieces of jewelry as being “little fiddly bits” and this term shows the deep affection she feels for the special kind of jewelry that she does create.

Virgo Moon Jewelry not only grabs the gaze of people from afar. However, those who get to view it from up close are also in amazement at the detail of the work that is before them. The very natural quality of the work is its most important asset that has its own identity in this jewelry.

Mary Hicklin has done all sorts of beadwork since she was a child and this enormous experience reflects itself in every piece of jewelry that she creates. She did take many a class from teachers and artists who knew the craft of beadwork like the back of their hand. This knowledge is something that she did pick up in abundance from these educators and does look on as a blessing.

Virgo Moon Jewelry

Each piece of Virgo Moon Jewelry is only one original piece. Mary Hicklin does not make more than one original piece at a time. Therefore, the person who can truly appreciate this variety of jewelry will also be in reward of getting an item that is one of a kind from this website.

All the pieces that are on display at this website include necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and pins and brooches. Virgo Moon Jewelry is truly a wonder and one-of-a-kind manifestations of the great void.

The website not only has a current Available Work Page, but it also has a They Love It! Section which contains personal testimonials as well as photos of real people donning Virgo Moon pieces.

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