Valentine’s Day Jewelry Ideas

Valentine’s Day Jewelry Ideas

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Flower and heart always declare the matters of heart in a delicate way. Impassioned lover’s heart shaped gifts speaks a silent language to the beloved. The same passion has been transferred to the world of jewels by jewelers all over the world. Flower and heart jewelry are popular among women around the globe. The beauty of the floral patterns and the passion of the heart shaped patterns lure people of all ages. Floral and heart motifs are used in all types of jewelry and it is popular among people. These patterns provide a rare and distinct uniqueness to the jewels.

Flower and heart motifs have been used in arts and architecture for centuries. Flower has represented feminity and heart has represented love for ages. Flower and heart jewelry are popular among women of all ages. Jewelry with flower and heart in it make a perfect present for ladies. Heart shaped jewels in all sizes sell like hotcakes during the season of love- February. Flower shaped jewels are essentially feminine and have adorned women for ages.

Multicolor Flower Pendant

Flower and heart jewelry are available in various shapes and forms. Flower shapes are largely used in the making of rings and earrings. Heart shapes are used invariably in almost all types of jewelry like earrings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces and even bangles. Flower and heart motifs are used now to give a dainty and trendy look to the jewels now, in the modern times.

Diamond Heart Necklace

Flower shaped motif is used in pearl rings that are made from mother-of-pearl. Flower patterns can add gloss to rings that are made of diamonds. Flower patterns set in platinum with a dash of white diamonds look exotic and stylish with any kind of outfit and it especially enhances the look of a classy evening gown. They also make an ordinary beauty radiant and “heavenly”. The gleam of the stones and the metal accentuates the pattern much to the delight of the one who wears it.

Pink CZ Heart Pendant

Floral designs and patterns are used in necklaces and centre pieces of necklaces. They are used in earrings and even danglers. The patterns and designs look best when studded with diamonds of various colors. Floral patterns adorn a lady with a chic and snazzy look. Floral patterns in unique designs can look funky if worn in bigger sizes.

Open Heart Pendant

Flower and heart shaped jewelry have captured the imagination of the youth and heart shaped jewelry represent love. Engagement rings, gifts on the occasions of Valentine’s Day, weddings, wedding anniversaries, etc are ornate with heart shaped designs and patterns. To declare their love men have been using heart shaped jewels and it has worked wonders for them, down the ages!

Marcasite Flower Pendants

Flower and heart patterns are extensively used in making jewelry and these patterns can be made of plain white gold, yellow gold, sterling silver, platinum, etc. Floral patterns and patterns in the shape of hearts have been decorating the jewels worn by passionate youngsters of the modern era. They sport studs, watches, leather belts with these patterns on them, to accentuate their presence.

Silver Amethyst Flower Pendant

It gives them a peppy, energetic and trendy look. It can also be wrought with these metals along with pearls in various colors, birthstones, gemstones or diamonds in vivid patterns. Whatever, the designs, flower and heart go together as they stand for beauty and passion.


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