Tom Binns Jewelry – The Leader in Unique Designs

Tom Binns Jewelry – The Leader in Unique Designs

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Tom Binns jewelry is jewelry on the grand scale. These designs are far from subtle. They are trend makers and high fashion. Designer, Tom Binns, has been honored by awards for his extreme jewelry design. His jewelry has graced the necks of many a top actress. His unique jewelry design principles have guided more than three decades of success.

His designs are thematic rather than just composed as to form. This jewelry is unlike any other. It is easily recognizable and highly sought after. Tom Binns has many followers who know his work and seek after his work. The world is always waiting for the next Tom Binns design.

Tom Binns Studded Cuff

In 2006 Tom Binns jewelry earned him the accessory designer of the year from the Council of Fashion Designers of America. His themed work has long earned him recognition and respect among all jewelry designers. Thematically he goes after elegance with a flair of non-conformity. Some even go so far as to say it reflects an attitude of anarchy and social disorganization.

Tom Binns Designers Jewelry

Some of the best boutiques in the world carry Tom Binns work including Neiman Marcus, Colette, Maxfield, Ikram, and Joyce. His work is both trendy and high quality.

Tom Binns Designer's Bracelet

Tom Binns jewelry designs employ exquisite technique and materials. He works in the best materials including gold, silver, gemstones, and semi-precious stones. He is even known to make beautiful designs out of redesigned costume jewelry or odds and ends like sea glass. Whatever the material, the pieces are highly valued and usually go for between $5000 and $50,000. With the current popularity trend, efforts are being made to decrease costs by using more affordable materials. Tom Binns entered into business on his own in 2004 in order to offer his work at less cost.

Tom Binns Pin Earrings

This company tries to recreate Tom Binns jewelry with Mr. Binns himself approving each piece. The high style and definite statement are now available for more common purchase. This website and company are making the excellent work of Binns available to a wider audience. This does not decreased he value of his work, only broadens it.

Tom Binns Ring

A wider audience can appreciate and wear the long successful work of this great artist. Jewelry aficionados everywhere await the more affordable pieces so that they can enhance their personal collections and accessories. Elegance and strong statements can be achieved simultaneously with a Tom Binns piece.

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