Tips Before Purchasing Diamond Jewelry

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    The word diamond comes from the Greek word “adamas” which means unbeatable. A diamond is a unique gemstone and is considered to be the king of them due to its uniqueness, rareness, hardness and optical qualities. Being a woman you can’t deny the fact about having an obsession for diamond jewelry. Women might not wear it but a marriage cannot be thought of without a diamond ring. For all who are interested in buying a diamond jewelry should know some of the basics before purchasing diamond jewelry.

    First we will start off with the different cuts a diamond is available in. the cut of a diamond is the most essential part to determine the quality and brilliance of the diamond. Its fine cuts and shapes tell how well symmetry and polished the diamond has been altered into. Different shapes you may find the diamond in are oval, round, cushions, princess, tapers, radiant, baguettes, pear, heart, triangle, lily and marquise. The diamonds are cut in such a way to reflect the light through its cut as much as possible making it burnish and dazzle from a distance. The expertise of diamond jewelry put forward the depth % and table % to examine the cuts and shapes of the diamond. The best table % is considered to be 53-64% and a good depth cut should vary between 58-64%…

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    The second thing to keep in mind before purchasing a diamond jewelry set is its color and clarity. As diamonds are found in the crust of Earth therefore, every piece of diamond has some sort of flaw or imperfection in them. Therefore, when buying a loose diamond or diamond jewelry you should always choose ‘D’ color which is the highest level of a diamond being completely colorless. ‘E’ and ‘F’ are also good as they are considered to be colorless too. ‘N-Z’ is the ones with the poorest quality as their color is light yellow to yellow. When it comes to clarity the abbreviation “FL” for flawless is the way to go which means the diamond you have in your hand was found without having any kind of natural imperfection. ‘SI1-SI2’ is the ones with defects which can only be seen through a microscope.

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    The other thing to check for before buying diamond jewelry is the carat, meaning the weight of the diamond. This is a fact every women is well aware of but one misconception about carat of a diamond is people believe the more weight it has the bigger its going to look which is not true. A 2 carat diamond would not necessarily be bigger than a 1 carat diamond as carat of a diamond refers to its weight not size.

    You may ask all these questions from the jeweler making sure you buy the right diamond jewelry or check for details if you prefer purchasing one from online websites. To be honest there is no replacements for diamond jewelry. Its shine, beautiful cuts and sparkling effect is incomparable.


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    1. Many of the diamond lovers like me don’t purchase diamonds cuz they are never sure that they can judge the quality of a diamond or they are paying the right price for the piece. This post is a little helping guide for such guys.

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