The Growing Popularity Of Jewelry Slides

The Growing Popularity Of Jewelry Slides

Jewelry slides have become more popular over the years and are currently sold on line or in your local jewelry store. These popular pieces are known for their exquisite hoops that help them to slide on a bracelet or necklace. They come in gold and silver and can have any design you are looking for made into them. They are really beautiful pieces of jewelry to add to a plain chain or bracelet. These jewelry slides can also double as pins or brooches depending on how you want to use them. They are very versatile pieces of jewelry. They will look good with whatever you are wearing that night. Most people like to wear these jewelry slides on a S curve type of necklace. Some even dress us their other clothes by placing them on a turtleneck or using them as a pin or brooch. They are very well suited to a necklace or bracelet.

Jewelry slides actually came out of the Victorian error when people used to use buttons as decoration on clothing. People came to like these decorations and created a string of them. Thereby producing the first jewelry slides, they were quite popular.

11 Piece Slide Bracelet

Today, you can see them on necklaces and bracelets as figure eights or curved pieces of gold and silver. They do slide across the necklace and are quite intricate in their details. Jewelry slides are also like charms in that they have pictures on them or scenes from other places. Some themes you may be able to find are sea life, sports, beach, angels, nurses, and many others. It is always a lot of fun to see what you can find and figure out how you will string them together.

Usually these jewelry slides are about one to two inches inches tall and wide. So they are easily portable and you can wear one in the morning, and then switch off to another that night. That is the fun of using jewelry slides. You can mix and match or interchange them to your mood. The good thing here to is you can have many slides and only one necklace. Think of the fun involved putting one together.

Gemstone Slide Bracelet

Most young girls think it is quite neat to have a whole set of these jewelry slides to mix and match and make their own unique bracelet or necklace. They start collecting them when they are young, and then they have a whole set by the time they are teenagers. The sky is the limit by then. They can create a profession bracelet or a sports bracelet. They can also get some of the more intricate designs and add to them. It is always fun to see what they will come up with next as a conversation piece. Making these beautiful jewelry slides can be quite rewarding. They lend themselves to a hobby that has been popular since the early 1990’s. It is a challenge to find all the exquisite jewelry slides to place on your bracelet or necklace. Go take a look around and see what you can find for yourself. They are also great to use as gifts for others, especially young girls. They get a kick out of collecting and trading them around to each other and seeing what everyone else has or needs to get. Then they can go out and buy what they want and hope they get one that no one else may have.


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