Tarina Tarantino Jewelry Designer – Sparkling Jewelry

Tarina Tarantino Jewelry Designer – Sparkling Jewelry

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Tarina Tarantino loves sparkly things. She has had an interest in jewelry making since childhood. And now, she is realizing her dream with unique jewelry designs that are loved all over the world. Tarantino got her start in Europe working as a fashion model. She spent her free time creating one-of-a-kind pieces with crystals and bead she found at Paris flea markets. Tarantino often wore her pieces to fashion shoots and piqued the interest of her stylist, makeup artists, photographers, and designers. They bought many of her early pieces and were always asking for more. Tarina Tarantino – jewelry designer was born.

After coming back to the states, Tarantino looked for some fancy hair clips one night for a special occasion. She didn’t find what she was looking for, so she made some herself. This unleashed a design frenzy of hair pieces that were made of crystal. She would stay up nights creating pieces, wear them the next day and return home having sold most of them. The next step was made by taking the pieces to popular boutiques. The quirky designs were a hit and before long Tarina Tarantino was being sold at Jennifer Kaufman and Fred Segal. People magazine did a profile story in 1998 on the budding business.

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Tarina Tarantino creates pieces that are marked by sparkles, high color, and whimsy. Her collections often include hand sculpted pieces that are one of a kind. She has collections based on Hello Kitty and Barbie. She continues to create hair accessories for all occasions. Her Queen Alice collection is based on ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and often features ‘eat me’ mushroom motifs. The My Pretty collection has skull motifs and ‘bubble pop’ jewelry that is composed of clear Lucite cubes, Swarovski crystals and glass pearls, Aurora Borealis bubble beads.

Tarina Tarantino Pink Queen

Tarina Tarantino – jewelry designer, is often identified by her attention to pink, black, and grey in her designs as well as the sparkly element. She has adopted motifs like the Gotham City starburst and variations on cameos. Her work can be light and princess like or heavy and gothic. Her variety in design is stunning. There is interest for just about every taste in her collections. She still enjoys taking antique or discarded parts and remaking them into new works or jewelry art. The classic and modern pieces in her collections ensure that she will stay at the height of fashion.



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