Talented Japanese Jewelry Designers

Talented Japanese Jewelry Designers

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When it comes to fashion I believe every country is rich in culture and style. The people living in a country develop a fashion sense according to their traditions and rituals. For instance people living in Pakistan found various ways to dazzle up their national dress which is Salwar Kameez. In India saris are their common dress and accessorizing along with it has developed as days have passed. A casual dress in America and other western countries is jeans and a top with which jewelry has been introduced to spice up your look. In Japan and China their traditional dress called the kimono or Kosode also comes with jewelry which will perfectly go with it.

When it comes to fashion and jewelry one cannot say that not every country is rich in style. Apparently, every country and every city in that country has certain traditions, rituals, religious practices and traditional clothes which help in developing their own fashion sense. In Japan the same thing is seen where their traditional dress is a kimono while mostly people wear jeans and shirt or dress pants to work. You may find many fashion and jewelry designers in Japan, China and Korea who is not only rich in talent but in culture as well. Honestly, I do not know much about Japanese jewelry designers myself but once I googled it, the common name I saw in every webpage was Saori C.

Japanese Designers Jewelry

Many designers start their sentences with the phrase that they always wanted to be a fashion or jewelry designer and so on. But what inspired me the most about Saori C., a Japanese jewelry designer is that she followed her instincts. She went to Miyazaki University in Japan where she studied subjects related to America and Europe as she was interested in their culture. She also studied for quite some time in Washington. After getting married to her long-time boyfriend she faced a wonderful coincidence that led her to the fame and recognition she has now.

Japanese Jewelry Design

At a Christmas she decided to make her friend a gift rather than buying one and developed a master piece of a small garnet and silver necklace that not only her friend but her friend’s friend loved and adored. The appreciation she got encouraged her to make more ornaments. Meanwhile, she learned different techniques of jewelry-making by a popular metal smith and local artist Lynne Hull. From there onwards she has spent all her time in designing jewelry for brides, working mothers and casual wear.

Japanese Jewelry Designers

Other than Saori C. famous jewelry designers like Ayay who runs a company in New York, Emi Fukushima and Ema Takahashi who has an expertise of making gorgeous and unique bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings. Ema Takahashi was born and raised in Japan who seems to be inspired by graphic design of the 21st century. She came to New York to study F.I.T and ended up designing gorgeous watches for JLo, a company of Jennifer Lopez. You can find Gold, sterling silver, natural pearls and semi-precious stones in her ornaments where each master piece is designed with hands. I like her website too which is simple, decent and easy to follow with the images of her collection and locations where they can be purchased from. When browsing through Japanese jewelry designer’s collections you will feel their culture and traditions reflecting in their ornaments which are definitely worth buying.



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