S&R Designs Jewelry by Steven and Richard

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    What does the fashion-conscious woman look for when she wants a unique, beautiful piece of fine jewelry that can be worn every day but doesn’t want to invest in a priceless heirloom that may find itself out of style in a 5 years? Enter brothers Steven and Richard, the expert designers behind S&R Designs. They founded their studio nearly 15 years ago, designing and crafting stylish, one-of-a-kind silver cable bracelets. They specialize in exquisite stylings of necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets.

    The brothers are quick to point out, though, that first and foremost they are designers. “Designing jewelry is a constant process,” Steven says. “We’re always coming up with fresh ideas.” With over 1000 unique designs under it’s belt, the company has exploded onto the market in a way that few others have.

    S and R Designs Jewelry

    The brothers take great pride in the fact that new designs are being introduced almost daily, and that S&R Designs is on the crest of determining fashion, not merely following it. To keep a step ahead, S&R Designs is always searching for the Next Big Thing in upscale jewelry trends – and Steven and Richard have enjoyed consistent success thus far. Each hand-crafted piece takes an average of two days to make at S&R’s New Jersey design studio, where 10 expert jewelers are employed full-time to mold the brothers’ dreams into wearable realities. All pieces are made completely by hand, and the staff can often be found working on several designs at the same time.

    S&R has succeeded in bringing unique yet elegant nostalgic fashion accessories to jewelers – and women – around the world. Give them a look the next time you are searching for simply beautiful jewelry.

    S&R Designs website – www.srdesign.com



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