Silver Jewelry Trends And Predictions

Silver Jewelry Trends And Predictions

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Silver jewelry trends of 2008 are off and running. Being the beginning of the year as of right now, there are many trends among the celebrities and housewives as well. Trend watchers are saying anything that shines is in high demand. Shining from head to toe makes you look sophisticated and nouveau. The trends of silver jewelry in 2008 have a lot to follow since last year. Silver can overpower what you have on so be sure not to overdo it. Don some simple pieces that go with your apparel. Follow your own heart and unique style when picking out pieces you want.

2008 trends of silver jewelry also include jazzing up the silver piece of jewelry as well. Many people buy gemstones to add to their silver jewelry. Cubic Zirconia and of course, diamonds will always look great in a silver setting. Many stones will look good such as amethyst, emeralds, and sapphires. Coral and Turquoise can also add a springtime feeling to your jewelry. Semi-precious stones can add a touch of color to your silver pieces of jewelry.

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Along these same color lines, other 2008 trends for silver jewelry are using neon colors in the mix. Yellow seems to be the most popular color right now. So take advantage of some of the clear stones and wear a yellow jacket or blouse so the stone will pick up on the color as well. You could also wear red or blue. Silver jewelry trends of 2008 also include using silver anywhere you would have jewelry – Rings, necklaces, bracelets, broaches, pins, and earrings. Many people buy matching sets to coordinate with different apparel worn. Take one of your old scarfs or neck wraps and place a pin in the center to hold it together. You have an instant trend setter with the silver and the scarf.

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Another 2008 trend for silver jewelry are charms and bracelets. Silver charms can be found in almost any store that sells jewelry. These cute little bracelets usually come with a few charms to get you started, and then you add to the collection with other favorite charms such as sports, animals, careers, or symbols. Kids especially like these collections and like to see how many they can get before their friends. Charms also come in different hues and colors. They can also have many different geometric shapes on them adding to their uniqueness.

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Other trends for silver jewelry in 2008 include the Retro look. Using rhinestones, beads, pennies, and glass beads in your silver jewelry pieces is all the rage today. The early 1950 styles of jewelry were made famous by Hollywood and the many actresses that wore the pieces in their films. They started a fad with some of these pieces. Once it caught on, everybody wanted the same beautiful silver pieces that they had even if they weren’t the real pieces. Some people like the silver penny bracelets from the 1940’s. These were glued onto a silver necklace or bracelet and worn. Then you had real money on your wrist or around your neck. Flashy silver broaches with huge stones set in them brought on a new rage in the late 1950’s. They also used floral pieces, pictures of birds, and ribbons and bows to design their silver pieces of jewelry. There was also a shift away from straight and narrow designs. Many started collecting big geometric shapes and designs on their silver pieces.



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