Silver Engagement Rings

Silver Engagement Rings

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The following article serves as a guide for any man who must select a ring from the many silver engagement rings. It does not, however, talk about the delivery of an ordered ring. The man who orders a silver engagement ring might want to ask whether or not that ring can be delivered on a weekend. He might want to inquire about whether or not it can be delivered to a FedEx pick-up facility. Remember, after all that a young man usually plans to surprise his future bride by presenting her with that diamond bearing ring.

Anyone who happened to study pictures of traditional engagement rings would run across a large number of photographs that focused on one of the various silver engagement rings. Like all of the traditional engagement rings, all of the silver engagement rings had both a setting and a diamond.

Silver Engagement Ring

Tradition dictates that the setting for an engagement ring should be at the top of the ring band. Most of the silver engagement rings have been designed by jewelers who like to follow traditional practices. Even the most contemporary silver rings generally have the setting at the top of the metal band.

Silver CZ Engagement Ring

A more marked difference between the more traditional and the contemporary engagement ring concerns the nature of the diamond in that ring. A number of the modern-day rings have uniquely cut diamonds. In some cases, that diamond has been cut to resemble a square. In other cases that diamond has cut surfaces that mimic the same surfaces on an emerald.

Sterling Silver Engagement Ring Set

Regardless of the cut on the diamond used in an engagement ring, the man who purchases that ring should select a ring the falls within a reasonable price. At the same time, the man who is about to purchase an engagement ring should learn as much as possible about the jeweler who will be making the ring that one man plans to put on his future wife.

The making of silver engagement rings demands the performance of meticulous work by the jeweler. That crafter of jewelry must first place platinum prongs on the top of the ring. Then he or she must gently place a diamond inside of those platinum prongs. The jeweler carries out that operation while peering through a strong magnifying glass.

CZ Silver Engagement Ring

While the man who is buying an engagement ring needs to learn as much as possible about the jeweler who will make that ring, he should also inquire about the grade of the diamond that the jeweler plans to put in the requested engagement ring. A wise man asks the jeweler for written verification of the fact that the ring he has requested will hold a top-quality diamond.

Sterling Silver Engagement Ring

Once a jeweler has completed an engagement ring, the man who has ordered that ring should think about having the finished ring appraised. The written appraisal for a silver engagement ring can be placed in a secure spot. Later, if that ring becomes lost or stolen, the couple that has lost a treasured possession can provide an insurance company with written proof of the ring’s value. The brides of today dream about silver engagement rings with the same frequency as the brides of long ago. Unfortunately, the young men of today face challenges that did not pose a problem for the young grooms of the past.


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  1. I am personally a fan of silver engagement rings, it is just as beautiful as white gold at a fraction of the cost. I do prefer a little color in them either pink or blue, you have some very nice looking rings on here. Great site.

  2. Wow! When most people decide on engagement rings they go for gold, but I think that silver is a gorgeous color for an engagement rings. These rings look fantastic. Great job!

  3. hi i love these engagement rings and i was wondering how i find the prices for these rings as i am trying to find the perfect ring and i have fallen in love with a couple of these ones in the pictures
    thanks x

  4. Hi, i’m wondering do you have this ring in gold (it’s the first ring you see when you enter this website: – And how much does it cost?

  5. I like to buy the Sterling Silver Engagement Ring Set, where can i find it, can anyone tell me please?

  6. I have the sterling silver engagement ring set and I love it. I find it extremely beautiful. I wear it everyday and even though people say it’s fake it doesn’t make me think any different because as long as I love it real or not thats all that matters=)

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