Scott Keating Jewelry

Scott Keating Jewelry

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Does a lover of nature ever profess a love for jewelry? Yes, some well-known lovers of nature enjoy and purchase jewelry. Some of those nature lovers visit the ski resorts in Colorado. While at such ski resorts, some of those nature lovers do not hesitate to buy Scott Keating jewelry. Scott Keating and his wife Nancy Lovendahl sell custom-designed jewelry at a shop in Aspen, Colorado. During the eight years that they have been in business, their line of customers has included celebrities such as Jack Nicholson, Sonny Bono and Jill St John.

When Keating came to Aspen in 1973 he brought with him the designing and engineering knowledge that he had acquired at the University of Illinois. Keating had received at least some of his training from the master goldsmith, Robert Von Neuman. After moving to Colorado, Keating used his design knowledge to craft silver jewelry. Later he began working with precious stones and gold.

Scott Keating Whirlwind Collection

In 1978 Keating took the first steps toward creation of a unique and widely recognized jewelry collection. He began to craft one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry. Each of those unique pieces reflected the strong sense of design that Keating had learned from his teachers and mentors. Keating gradually retreated from his plan to sell jewelry at wholesale prices. He chose to concentrate on his growing collection.

Scott Keating Bridal Jewelry

By 1985, many in the jewelry industry had heard about the wonderful designs coming out of a shop in Aspen, Colorado. They invited Keating to join the 12 exhibitors at the “New Designers Room” in New York City. Keating accepted the invitation, and soon made his team very busy. They got busy designing pieces of jewelry from platinum, gold and silver. Keating won the “Diamonds of Distinction” award from De Beers.

Scott Keating Bridal Rings

The celebrities who buy Scott Keating jewelry know that they can expect to find pieces with many different colors. Keating uses gemstones such as tourmaline, citrine and amethyst. He has designed special new cuts for various gemstones. He has put a number of his specially cut gems in rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

Scott Keating Jewelry

Some of Keating’s creations demonstrate the degree to which exposure to Egyptian and Deco designs has influenced his craft. Keating has re-created the classic Deco look using a gold mesh. He has used that mesh in watchbands.

Scott Keating Viewpoints Collection

Nature too has influenced the design skills of Scott Keating. In fact, Keating points to nature as the primary source of his jewelry creations. Keating has sought to copy nature, when deciding on the size relationships in any of his designs. Keating strives to produce work that underlines his appreciation for nature. He generally seeks to instill a touch of spirituality in each jewelry piece that he crafts.

Scott Keating Moonscape Collection

Keating and his wife have combined their skills and talents to create jewelry that can motivate and inspire whoever wears that jewelry. Keating’s love for working with metals and stones, both elements of nature, has pushed him to create one-of-a kinds wonders. He has managed to create an entire collection of wearable and lovely jewelry creations.

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