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    Examples of the Robindira Unsworth Jewels have found their way into four different jewelry collections. The contemporary nature of theses Jewels reveals itself in the Marrackech collection. That collection contains pieces of jewelry that display the vivid colors of the blue-green tourmaline gemstone.

    Although jewelers have long recognized the multiple color tones found among tourmalines, they had until 1989, not seen a blue-green tourmaline gemstone. In that year, Hector Dimas Barbosa uncovered a small group of blue-green tourmalines in the soil of Brazil.

    Robindira Unsworth Jewelry Marrakech

    A chemical analysis of those Brazilian stones showed that they held two important elements—copper and manganese. By combining those two elements, the Brazilian tourmalines had developed a turquoise-green color. As jewelry lovers the world over marveled at that color, they also had an important question.

    Robindira Unsworth Amulet Necklace

    What, jewelry lovers want to know, would happen after the world ran out of the relatively few tourmalines found in Brazil? The answer to that question came in 2001. That year, a group of miners in Nigeria uncovered some tourmaline gemstones. Like the tourmalines in Brazil, these stones in Nigeria contained both copper and manganese. Like the Brazilian stones, the Nigerian gems had a blue-green color.

    Robindira Unsworth Jewelry Palawan

    Neither the Brazilian nor the Nigerian tourmalines give any jeweler a large stone with which to work. The vivid colors in those tourmalines only reveal their presence to the jeweler who has skillfully cut each of those same stones. People who wear any of the Robindira Unsworth Jewels can not expect comments about the size of the gems in their accessories.

    Robindira Unsworth Bangle Bracelets

    Those who like the jewelry pieces in the Robindira Unsworth Marrakech collection can now feel assured that jewelers are not apt to run out of blue-green tourmailines in the near future. Jewelers can continue to include those stones in their Moroccan-inspired designs.

    Robindira Unsworth Jewelry

    They can add ocean-like colors to wave designs, and designs that are meant to represent a fish in the waters of the Mediterranean.

    Robindira Unsworth Jewelry Aqaba

    Of course, those who love Robindira Unsworth Jewels realize that not all of those jewels are found in the Marrakech collection. Some of those jewels decorate the pieces of jewelry in the AQABA collection. In that collection, cognac quartz has been linked to threads of gold and silver. Jewelers have curled, twisted and plaited those metal threads, creating beautiful filigree links in a uniquely designed chain.

    Robindira Unsworth Jewelry Hoop Earrings

    The chains in the Tavenuni collection provide jewelry lovers with an alternative to the colorless quartz of the AQABA collection. The chains in the Tavenuni collection show the influence of jewelry styles on the Fiji Islands. The jewelry pieces in the Tavenuni collection link pearl-like nuggets to a gold or silver chain.

    Robindira Unsworth Taveuni Collection

    As stated earlier, the Robindira Unsworth Jewels can be found in the jewelry pieces that make-up four different collections. At this point, the reader of this article has read about three collections.

    Robindira Unsworth Ibiza Necklace

    The fourth and final collection is the Palawan collection. The jewelry pieces in that collection contain both wood and smoky gemstones. In the Palawan collection, those two elements have been linked together with gold.

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