Pierre Cardin Watches for Men & Women

Pierre Cardin Watches for Men & Women

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Pierre Cardin watches are considered timely. In business since 1953, Pierre Cardin was considered one of the first European watch makers to focus on fashion and bring it to the mainstream culture. Pierre Cardin worked for Christian Dior prior to forming his own company in 1953, with Dior perhaps being influential on early Cardin designs. In 1962, the Pierre Cardin Prize was developed and has been awarded each subsequent year for the best design in watch making.

Pierre Cardin watches are considered to be classic, elegant, and cosmopolitan. Long linked with concepts of travel and socialites, Pierre Cardin watches are considered to be the best of the best and the standard setter for elegance. Pierre Cardin watches range in price from highly affordable, to extremely expensive depending on what they are made of and how many are produced.

Pierre Cardin Watches for Men

Pierre Cardin watches are designed for both men and women, so it is important when buying a watch to get one for the proper gender. The men’s watches tend to be a bit on the sleeker side with less decoration, though still a fashion statement, and are often noticeably larger than that of one from the women’s collections. Pierre Cardin has three main lines for both men’s and women’s watches: The Classic Collection, the Diamond Collection, and the Time Couture Collection.

Pierre Cardin Watches for Women

The Classic Collection of Pierre Cardin watches are simple and elegant, and are a nod to times from the beginning days of the designer. There are two tone watches featuring stainless steel and gold, watches featuring simple leather bands with a beautifully styled gold and silver face, and simple stainless steel designs. These designs for both men and women offer a sleek, clean look and are durable as well as fashionable. Of the Pierre Cardin watch lines available, these tend to be the most affordable, often in the $50-$100 range.

Diamond Collection is perhaps the most stunning. The Diamond Collection features a stunning use of stainless steel, gold, and diamonds to create a unique and attention getting design. The Diamond Collection may not be for some wearers, or for everyday wear by those who purchase them. Most of the designs in the Diamond collection feature a stainless steel watch band with gold mixed in, and then a dial of various sizes and shapes filled with diamonds. Sometimes the face has diamond details also. These are easily the most brilliant and expensive of the Pierre Cardin watches.

Pierre Cardin Watches

The Time Couture Collection offers a selection of larger faced watches, rose colored gold accents, leather, and stainless steel for trademark offerings that may not be found by other makers. Chronographic watches fit into this line of watches, and some feature unique designs. Pink watch bands, square or oddly shaped faces, crystal accents, and pearlized faces make a statement. These are easily distinguished as a Cardin watch, and are mid priced.

Pierre Cardin sells their various lines of watches direct, but it is also possible to find them at finer jewelers, department stores, and on the second hand market.

Pierre Cardin official website: www.pierrecardin.com


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