Pearl Rings – the Lure of Luster

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    The lure of the lustrous pearl rings and jewelry has haunted men and women for ages. Brides walk the aisle in it, damsels don it for that classy look and men gift it to declare their love. It is a part of every occasion and its gleaming subtle beauty that allures the beholder tempts everyone to own it and don it. Pearls come in different subtle hues. Fresh water pearls are dyed to get the desired colors but even the natural pearl with its milky cream color is breathtaking. Tahitian black pearls that come in the hues of purple and green make onlookers besotted. Pearl jewelry and pearl rings in any size and color will enchant humans with its gleam, forever.

    Pearl that lures the hearts of the onlookers with its luster is still a craze among women. A bride without a strand of pearl is impossibility. Pearl jewelry grants damsels who don it with a graceful and poised look. Even now pearl is sported by people who enjoy being the centre of attraction in an event.

    14K White Gold Tahitian Pearl & Diamond Sunburst Ring

    Pearl rings have a refined and ethereal look and their subtle hues are fascinating. Pearls are found in many varieties like natural pearl, cultured pearl, cultured fresh water pearls, salt water pearls, Akoya pearls and Tahitian pearls.

    14K White Gold Pearl & Round Diamond Ring

    Pearl rings, available in a mélange of colors, makes them the accessories that can be worn with any dress irrespective of its color and style. Pearl rings can give a contemporary dress a contemporary look and a dress in vintage design, a vintage look. Such is the adaptability that pearls have. Pearls make the greatest occasion in the lives of women momentous with their sparkling presence in the form of jewelry worn on the day of their weddings. Pearl rings offer a wide range of options to choose from.

    14K White Gold Tahitian Pearl & Diamond Ring

    The combination of white gold and pearl enhances the shine of the pearl and renders it more lustrous than when seen alone. Precious and lustrous pearls set in white gold along with a dash of radiant diamonds here and there can make it look ‘celestial’. The brilliance of the pearl along with the sparkling diamonds and the white gold can look perfect for any occasion. Pearl rings look best with white gold or platinum. They also look great with sterling silver. Though yellow gold is used to craft pearl rings, white metals best suit pearls.

    14K White Gold Diamond & Pearl Ring

    Pearls are a part of any bridal collection like diamonds and they are soft and feminine to look at. Gifting them to women can be appropriate as the nature of the pearls reflect that of women. Pearl rings that are cream in color and the ones with lighter tones are commonly set along with white diamonds. Tahitian exotic black pearls, when set in white gold with brilliant white diamonds around, arouses the beholder’s desire to hold it and own it. It is breath taking to look at Tahitian pearl rings with the display of white and black the atypical combination, which has been existing for ages, now.

    14K White Gold Diamond & 3D Tahitian Pearl Ring

    Gorgeous Tahitian pearls with the green and purple hue in them is a price catch in anybody’s jewel collection. Pink pearls with their subtler tones look better on the fair skinned. White yellow, golden colored pearls complement people with darker skins. Pearls suit any occasion and any skin tone. They are found in a variety of sizes and colors that cater to everybody’s need. Pearls can provide luster to the dullest moment, so owning it is an experience in itself.



    1. Akoya pearls which comes in white, pink and yellow color has the miraculous shinning surface which when added to a ring takes out its real beauty. Nice collection.


    3. Jewelry fashion comes and goes but the beguiling lustre of pearls is timeless. They will always be in fashion.

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