Pandora Jewelry – Modern Design with a Vintage Look

Pandora Jewelry – Modern Design with a Vintage Look

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Pandora is well known for its unique beads and designer prices.  If you have been admiring Pandora jewelry on others’ wrists and in stores, you undoubtedly want an insider look at a Pandora jewelry review before you spend the money on a new bracelet, ring, or charm from this company.  Pandora beads are fun to collect.  Every piece is beautiful and can mean something special to you.  The price is worth it to many people who like to pamper themselves with quality jewelry that is stylish and long-lasting.

The first part of this Pandora jewelry review must discuss what Pandora is.  This is a relatively new brand that has mostly swept through the United Kingdom, making its way onto the wrists of many young ladies.  If you have ever looked closely at a Pandora charm, you know it is highly intricate and quite beautiful.

Pandora Liquid Silver Jewelry Collection

They have a vintage appearance in both color and design, which is part of why they are so popular right now.  In the 1990s, there was a great demand for vintage jewelry.  At the turn of the century, the focus on vintage charm bracelets skyrocketed, and Pandora was founded in Denmark in 1982 and came to North America in 2002.

Pandora Jewelry Collection

Part of why Pandora bracelets are so popular is because you can customize the perfect bracelet for you.  The process begins by purchasing a plain silver or gold chain.  These come in varying lengths and feature a small clasp that is secure enough to not come loose, but it also makes it easy to put the bracelet on yourself.

Pandora Double Leather Bracelet

Then, you have a wide variety of charms to select from.  Since Pandora was founded, more than 200 charms have become available to choose from.  Selections include monogram beads, glass beads, birthstones, and even authentic gemstone beads.  The concept has developed to include necklaces, adding another facet to this Pandora jewelry review.

Pandora Jewelry Earrings

While the beauty and uniqueness of Pandora jewelry is second to none, collecting all the beads you want can become quite pricey, especially if you are partial to gold.  The silver and gold used in Pandora bracelets are real, so the price tag reflects the authenticity.  If you have the money, you could make a bracelet that costs several thousand dollars.  Of course you probably would not choose to build it all at once.  Years of collecting and looking for sales are part of the magic of Pandora jewelry.  The conclusion of this Pandora jewelry review is that the brand is high quality and the prices reflect that.

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  1. Hello, I would like to send you some information about our brand, is there any email address I could contact you by? Thank you!

  2. These all are very beautiful designs, I can impress someone by giving one of these designs as a gift, according to me jewelery is a perfect way of expressing ones feelings :)

  3. I like Pandora bracelets very much. I have numbers of Pandora items collected but I have never seen these vintage charms before. Thank you for posting these breathtaking designs.

  4. The jewelry is very pretty and the charms are lovely. However, they are terribly expensive. If you complete an entire sterling silver bracelet, it will cost you approximately $900.

  5. While these are very nice pieces, they do not provide the customer with good value like Lia Sophia jewelry does. We offer cutting edge style at incredible prices and offer each customer a life time warranty too. Come check us out.

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