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    One statement posted online underscores the two distinctly different characteristics in each piece of Northeastern Fine Jewelry. That statement, one made by a pleased customer was this: “It looks like an antique, but still has modern flare…”

    The company that sells antique like pieces with a modern day flare got started in 1980. It began as a business called the Northeastern Coin Gallery. For more than thirty years, that company’s expert jewelers have been ready to sketch or use computer aided technology, in order to design unique and beautiful accessories.

    Northeastern Fine Jewelry Store

    Today Northestern Jewelry enjoys the backing of both the Gemological Institute of America and the American Gem Society. It has come to be associated with an adherence to exacting standards. In addition, the owners of each NEFJ business have gone out of their way to please customers, while becoming involved in charity work and civic causes.

    In their brick and mortar stores, NEFJ displays a desire to make each customer as comfortable as possible. The aroma from fresh baked cookies fills one corner of each store. Nearby, customers can find a large screen TV and comfortable couches. These elements provide the children and partners of jewelry lovers with a way to stay entertained, while a loved one examines gems and various decorative pieces.

    Today, online shoppers can not be furnished with cookies or couches, but they continue to benefit from the company’s tradition of quality and service. Thanks to introduction of the Internet, that quality and service can now reach customers who live well beyond the locality of the NEFJ manufacturing facility and stores—upstate New York and Manchester, Vermont.

    Meanwhile, residents of those areas benefit from the eagerness with which NEFJ businesses reach out to the community. They stand ready to support local charities and civic organizations. Their presence at charity and civic events has been documented in posted reports on the Internet.

    During the 2010 year, a high end bridal jeweler named Simon Ghanimian appeared at a number of events that were sponsored by Northeastern Fine Jewelry. His appearance helped to draw crowds, thus insuring more money for one particular charity, as well as exposure of more people to the exquisite pieces that are linked to the NEFJ name.

    Northeastern Fine Jewelry - NEFJ

    Recently, at a Tissot Event, spectators gathered around a display that featured two unusual timepieces. They were watches with two inner dials on each watch’s face. One of those items has a red band and the other a black band. They had come from the factory of Breitling, a Swiss timepiece manufacturer, and a retain partner for NEFJ.

    Together the men and women of NEFJ and Breitling make and offer to the public luxurious items such as watches, engagement rings, wedding rings and heirloom pieces. They seek to satisfy the needs of every customer, from those that want a sturdy watch to wear at a sporting event to those that seek an accessory that resembles a classic item. All such customers can find what they need at the stores and web site of North Eastern Fine Jewelry.

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