Moonblossoms Jewelry Designs

Moonblossoms Jewelry Designs

The moonblossoms jewelry designs fall into two general categories. Some of those designs can be found on jewelry that might adorn the hair of any woman, young or old. A second group of the mooblossoms jewelry designs display the degree to which headgear can beautify a bride. Each design in this second group of designs dresses-up a bridal tiara.

All of the moonblossoms jewelry designs point-up the great skill of their crafters. Each of those jewelry designs has delicate, hand-made decorations. Each of the designs adds a touch of beauty to the hair that grows from a woman’s head.

Moon Blossoms Jewelry

In some cases, a moonblossom design decorates a simple hair stick. Colorful gemstones have been attached to that hair stick. The company that makes the items with moonblossoms jewelry designs has set two different prices for its hair sticks $48 and $78.

Amongst the jewelry for the hair of a woman other than a bride, one can find moonblossoms on a couple different elastic bands. Some are elastic bands with what appears to be a silver blossom. Another pair of elastic bands is held together by a silver panel, a panel made from silver beads.

A woman about to become a bride can choose from four different moonblossoms jewelry designs, should she want to wear a tiara. Two of the available tiaras are fashioned from silver, and are decorated with quartz and pearl “blossoms.” Those tiaras cost between $298 and $598.

A third type of tiara lacks any touch of silver. It is made of white crystals. Those crystals have been shaped into both tiny stem-like structures and also small white “blossoms.”

Moonblossoms Jewelry

An additional type of tiara highlights the contrast between silver and the light pink tourmaline gem stone. The pink in the tourmaline brings back memories of the pink worn by little girls. It also complements any bit of blue that a bride might choose to wear on her person.

When a father sees his bride walk down the aisle with a tiara that has a pink gem stone, then he can not help but recall the tiny daughter who once wore pink. For that reason, some of the moonblossoms jewelry designs bring tears to the eye of the “father of the bride.”

Mothers no doubt welcome the availability of such tiaras. They help to dress-up a bride, even if that bride refuses to wear a veil. The bride’s mother can admire the beauty of the tiara, instead of feeling disappointed that she can not see her daughter wearing the traditional bridal veil.

Moonblossom designs do maintain one tradition, the tradition of making the bride look exceedingly beautiful.



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