Michelle Ladd Jewelry

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    Michelle Ladd is associated with sparkling, sophistication, elegance. Michelle Ladd’s handcrafted jewelry is suitable for wearers of any age and appeals to women with all sorts of style preferences. It can be incorporated into most any wardrobe, worn for any occasion. For this reason many Michelle Ladd wearers choose her jewelry among their favorites in their jewelry boxes! Michelle typically makes necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, but there is a lot of character to this particular brand of jewelry that makes it different from the competition. She typically uses silver mixed with Swarovski crystals, which are difficult materials to work with when making delicate handmade jewelry. Since her pieces are handmade, each piece is slightly unique from others and slight variances make each piece one to treasure.

    There is a blog on the site where shoppers can learn more in depth about the jewelry inspirations that are Michelle Ladd. The blog tells how she comes up with some of her unusual ideas, and some of the entries give an intimate look into the designer herself. One of the entries mentions that Michelle’s original career dream was to be a pediatric nurse, not a jewelry designer! The blog is divinded into personal entries and design entries, and there are also links to other sites such as Swarovski, whose crystals are a cornerstone in her designs. There are also comment areas and aechived entries for readers who would like a more personal overview of this designer and her company. In addition to the blog area, there is a section on how to care for jewelry purchases, a section about the compostion of the materials she uses for her jewelry, and a biography section on the designer.

    Michelle Ladd Bracelets

    So what is characteristic of Michelle Ladd jewelry designs? Her jewelry is typically dainty and would complement most any wardrobe or age. She uses a lot of lighter pastel colors but some of her choices are darker also, particularly when it comes to earrings. Her bracelets tend to be pearls and Swarovski mixed creations with various charms attached on occasion, or sometimes without charms. Her earrings tend to be small and dangly, with a focus on the crystal pieces that she uses to catch light and create reflection. Some are larger, such as her recent hoops and dangles release, but all of her earring collection is beautiful. As for her necklaces, there is a beautiful multi strand pearl necklace available at a reasonable price.

    Michelle Ladd Jewelry

    A couple of her current best selling items include a breast cancer bracelet and a blooming bangle bracelet. Both are beautiful and intricate, full of pastel pinks and delicate craftsmanship. Another unusual item that is available is the “It’s a Girl” charm bracelet that has pink Swarovski crystals mixed with pearls on a single strand and then a tiny pink Swarovski shoe charm. This would be an ideal gift for a new mother, and the site does offer gift service and shipping. For special orders and requests, there is a message area on the website and a toll free number as well. In addition to beautiful and affordable items, Michelle Ladd looks like a very easy place to purchase from!

    Michelle Ladd official site: http://www.michelleladd.com/



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