Three Questions About Lab Created Emerald Rings

Three Questions About Lab Created Emerald Rings

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The writer of the following article has never owned lab created emerald rings. She has never seen such rings. She has, however, investigated the nature of both engagement rings and wedding bands. Until now, the writer has used her research to compose factual web content about engagement rings and wedding bands.

Now expanding on her research the same writer has envisioned some new and surprising uses for lab created emerald rings. The writer’s imagined uses for such rings have been detailed in the following article. It is an article in which the writer has chosen to first develop, and then to answer three different questions.

Lab Created Emerald Ring

Do the existing collections of lab created emerald rings include engagement rings with emerald cut diamonds? Some contemporary engagement rings have uniquely cut diamonds. A few of those unique diamonds are emerald cut diamonds.

Contemporary engagement rings have the same two elements found in traditional engagement rings a setting and a diamond. That diamond can be either a solitaire diamond or an emerald cut diamond. In light of that fact, it seems logical to wonder if the displays of contemporary engagement rings include any lab created emerald rings.

Do the makers of Native American wedding bands design any of the lab created emerald rings? While many people have seen the striking contrast of silver and turquoise, fewer have admired the contrast created when a green gemstone is placed on a silver ring band. Yet such a combination has appeared on items that were fashioned by Native American jewelers.

Granted, most present day, Native American jewelers use either malachite or chrysoprase when they want a green gemstone. Still, there is no Native American legend that dictates the jewelers’ reliance on those two green stones. For that reason, the time may come when Native American jewelers will abandon use of those gemstones, and will make lab created emerald rings.

How could a young man benefit from taking the time to study the available, lab created emerald rings? Could such lab created rings provide young men with excellent Christmas gifts? An emerald is green, but how can a jeweler put green and red together in a reasonably priced ring.

Lab Created Emerald Rings

A ring could have both an emerald and a ruby. Such a ring would have a fairly high asking price. Such a ring might not be the ideal Christmas gift for a young man on a limited budget. Yet that same man might consider buying a lab created emerald ring. How can he find such a ring with a red and green combination?

Perhaps he could look for a ring made from rose gold. Such a ring contains a mixture of three different metals – gold, silver and copper. It is the copper that gives the metal a rose color. A ring with a rose colored metal might be the right ring to give as a Christmas gift. Such a ring could serve as the setting for a lab created emerald.

Now that this article has posed and answered three questions about lab created emerald rings, here is another pointed question: What is keeping you the reader from going out and buying a lab created emerald ring? If you plan to get an engagement ring, a Christmas gift or a piece of Native American jewelry, then you might want to think about buying a lab created emerald ring.


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