Julinda Chia Morgan Jewelry

Julinda Chia Morgan Jewelry

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Julinda Chia Morgan is without a doubt on of the original and finest of jewelry artists in all of Asia. She has been designing unique and beautiful pieces of jewelry that is definitively her own since 1993. The name of Julia Chia Morgan stands for true originality and is synonymous only with jewelry creations that different.

Julinda Chia Morgan’s jewelry pieces do make a bold statement that are all their own and show genuine inventiveness that is distinctly different from other jewelry designers. These jewelry gems are sophisticated in their own definition and are something that anyone would feel proud to wear and own.

Julinda Chia Morgan Earrings

The bulk of her jewelry wonders combine 18K gold with precious stones of all types and semi precious stones in addition. Julinda Chia Morgan lives in Singapore. This is where she has been able to build a loyal following. As well as very successful client base namely for the works that she does come up with from her imagination and skills.

Julinda Chia Morgan Pendants

The women who wish to purchase a jewelry piece from Julinda Chia Morgan must either make an appointment or visit one of her shows, which are frequent in nature. Because her clientele base is private and she is highly selective of those whom she deals with on a business level. The clients who usually visit regularly are those who have been a customer before and whom come back more repeatedly to buy some new jewelry to add to their collection of finer things.

Julinda Chia Morgan Jewelry

Julinda Chia Morgan’s client base is constantly increasing is size as time goes on and a good many of her returning customers are in location all over the face of the globe internationally. This jewelry artist definitely does believe in her ability to create her own voice when it comes to her own brand of stunning jewelry. Her own words speak very effectively, of how she feels about her works as a rule. “I always have to step back and think. To me that am a healthy sign, because I don’t believe that creativity ever flows from a rigid set of opinions and objectives”. She has a true passion and devotion to her talent and this is something that is very evident in itself.

Julinda Chia Morgan Handmade Jewelry

Julinda Chia Morgan’s official website address is julinda.com and all the information at this special internet place is to do with the artist specifically and her design per se. There is a very in focus Home Page, Gallery, Profile, and Contact section for the new visitor to be able to get to know the artist in depth and personal.

A good many of the pieces that Julinda does create are one-offs and it is in these specific one-offs that anyone can behold her own brand of special flair and the individuality that goes in to every piece of jewelry. Her work is not just jewelry, it very much like art as well. Because her love for jewelry is obvious and so is the very essence of her imagination.



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