John Hardy Jewelry Collections

John Hardy Jewelry Collections

John Hardy carries another distinctive set of jewelry pieces for your collection. These are mostly done in silver with some gold inlay. There are rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, broaches, pendants, watches, men’s jewelry, and some baby pieces. Each has its own unique look and design. You will also find these pieces a little less expensive than some of the big name brands.

The rings are made of sterling silver and comes with many different gemstones including blue topaz, black chalcedony, diamonds, amethysts, red topaz, rhodolite, and citrine. Some are also made with clusters of silver inlays within each other. The fragipani collection is a good example of this.

John Hardy Mens Jewelry

The earrings are done very tastefully in silver with many of the gemstones mentioned above. Pearls are also popular in this collection. A popular set of earrings is the drop collection. There are four to five amethyst pieces in a row. This makes a very pretty set for day or evening wear. Some of the earrings also come in 18K gold settings as well.

John Hardy Naga Collection

Necklaces and pendants from John Hardy are very exquisite. They have their own distinctive look whether it is a chain or a pendant on a necklace. The use of many gemstones or just one in some of these makes the piece look very gorgeous. You can find many of these to add to your growing collection of the right piece to wear out on the town. Some come on a leather or satin cord instead of a chain. They also sell a wonderful collection of chokers. When looking at the many different styles of pendants available, you will find many to choose. There are diamond and amethysts as well as gold inlays on silver or just a plain silver pendant. No matter what your taste is, you will be able to find a great piece.

John Hardy Company

Broaches are another example of John Hardy at his best. There are many different styles such as broaches that flower out and other plain simple pins. They are made from any gemstone you can imagine or just a gold inlay on a silver setting. All are quite gorgeous and beautiful.

John Hardy Langit Collection

The watches are mostly for the gentleman with the leather straps and silver faces. These are very unique in their look. They even have a pocket watch done in silver with a silver chain. The men’s section also offers rings, necklaces, money clips, and cuff links. Many of these are very distinct in their look and are mostly made of silver. Some also have a gold inlay. These are very beautiful pieces. Many of the necklaces also come on a black leather cord to enhance the look.

John Hardy Silang Collection

The baby items includes necklaces with baby animal pendants, bracelets, and pins. You can buy one for your child to grow into as they get older. You can also buy the baby animal pendants for yourself. They are quite stunning in their appearance. Many different necklaces are found as well. Most of them with a silver setting, some with gold inlays. All of simply gorgeous.

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