Israeli jewelry designers

Israeli jewelry designers

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All over the globe both men as well as women have been wearing jewelry in different styles and designs made by famous Israeli jewelry designers. In fact, jewelry is considered a part of almost every culture in the world. Even the Judaism culture has its unique form of jewelry, which comes with its own set of religious symbols as well as motifs which are prominently seen on Israeli jewelry pieces. Beliefs in the Israeli religion and culture can be best seen in the kind of jewelry pieces their designers make and the Israeli people flaunt wherever they go.

Besides using the symbols and motifs to signify their belief in religion, the designers also use the same as part of fashion these days. Due to increased modernization, a large number of Israeli people all over the world are now also making a fashion statement by wearing fashionable Israeli jewelry pieces made exclusively by their designers.

Israeli designers

It is the Book of Psalms and also the Jewish religion that has encouraged a large number of Israeli jewelry designers to get inspired and make the most unique forms of jewelry. Jewelry in Israeli designs is unique and special in its own way, especially for the Jews. Jewelry designs have been also inspired by the Bible.

Silver and Gold Ring

Israeli jewelry designs have also been modified over the years, with a touch of aesthetics of contemporary style incorporated by the jewelry designers. In Israeli jewelry, some of the most popular religious symbols and motifs are being used since centuries as part of adornment. Amongst Israeli jewelry designers the Star of David is a religious symbol most exploited and popularly used. In fact it is very common to see people from Israel wearing pendants in different metals in the shape of the Star of David.

Menorah Pendant

Besides pendants, the jewelry designers in Israel also make other forms of jewelry like earrings, bangles, bracelets, necklaces, anklets, etc including motifs and brooches as well. Precious metals like gold, platinum, silver and titanium are being used by Israeli jewelry designers to make Israeli jewelry. It is customary for most Jews to wear their belief in religion up their sleeves. A lot on Jewish religion can be understood from the Book of Psalms and it is due to this fact that many of the earrings, necklaces or pendants have religious symbols incorporated in Israeli jewelry sets.

 Jewish necklace

The person wearing this jewelry is considered able to ward off the evil eye of another person, a belief which has been strongly influenced by the Star of David as well as the Book of Psalms. The state of life has been best signified by the symbol Chai in Judaism. Even special symbolic numbers are used to signify the state of life, which for the user of the Israeli jewelry is a sign of protection as well as purity. On the wrist, a string in red metal is also used as a symbol of protection and sometimes as style as well. Israeli jewelry designers have well incorporated symbols like the Star of David, Hamsa hand, and Solomon Seal talisman, Jewish Menorah, Mezuzah, Chai, Merkaba and Kabbalah well.



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