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    Almost nine years ago Renee Trikolas, a young wife who would soon be a young mother, enjoyed some free time. She had decided to fill at least some of her free time by designing and creating jewelry. Soon, she found that a number of her friends and co-workers expressed a desire to own some of the jewelry pieces that she had created.

    They liked the simple, yet sophisticated style of that jewelry. Each piece had remarkable detail, and yet each piece seemed suited for use with an array of different outfits. The classic nature of that jewelry allowed it to accessorize and complement all manner of clothing. Renee began to sell her jewelry at trunk shows. She also took advantage of an opportunity to sell her jewelry online. By working at home, Renee could make money while caring for her new baby girl. Renee decided to name her jewelry “Isabella Rose Jewelry,” using the same name that she had selected for her own daughter.

    Isabella Rose Designs

    Today, Renee picks-out the beautiful beads that she wants to use in her jewelry. She then arranges those beads in an eye-catching design. Renee’s daughter Isabella is also learning to make jewelry using beads. Isabella’s mother hopes that her daughter will, in addition, learn how to clean-up after herself, once she has completed a piece of jewelry.

    Renee understands how a young girl can develop a fascination for beautiful jewelry. When Renee was a young girl, living in Chicago, she too fell in love with beautiful jewelry. After graduating from high school, Renee received training in jewelry design at Vogue College. Then she had a more formal education at Loyola University.

    Renee’s formal education has helped to guide her jewelry-making enterprise. Renee has made a point of learning from her customers where the world of fashion appears to be headed. Then Renee has created jewelry designs that she expects to match well with the latest fashion trends.

    The online shoppers who buy Isabella Rose Jewelry know that they are purchasing a quality piece of jewelry. At the same time, they appreciate the chance they have to get quality jewelry at a price that falls well below department store prices. The website for Isabella Rose Jewelry makes no mention of plans for a new line of jewelry. Still the picture on that website gives a reviewer of jewelry some reason to speculate about a possible new line. That picture shows Renee with both Isabella Rose and her little brother, Romeo Richard.

    Perhaps Renee will soon be putting beads on cufflinks and on money clips. Perhaps she might even string some beads on the chain of a dog tag. As the mother of a small boy, Renee would have good reason to think about adding some male-oriented jewelry to the existing lines of crystal jewelry, bridal party jewelry and custom jewelry… All of the above-mentioned lines of jewelry, plus the line of personalized bracelets and the 34 different pairs of earrings, have been included in the ever-growing Isabella Rose Jewelry collection.

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