Hidalgo Jewelry Collections

Hidalgo Jewelry Collections

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Hidalgo Jewelry was started in 1984, thought the family had been in the jewelry business for much longer than that. In 1992 the enamel collection was introduced and met with such success that Hidalgo made it a primary focus of their business and they still continue it today. It is estiamted that Hidalgo has sold somewhere around 500,000 rings or more to date!

Hidalgo has designed more than three thousand ring styles to date and one of the great things about their ring collection is that the designs can be mixed and matched easily. For example, the analogy is given on the site of a possible combination: if Hidalgo uses a five ring set with two sets of guards, there is a possibility of up to twenty seven billion combinations.

Hidalgo Bracelets

This means that a Hidalgo ring most likely will be unique to the wearer, and a specialized piece of jewelry that no one else will be sporting.

Hidalgo Watches

Rings are stackable and Hidalgo can fuse them together for an even more individualized effect if a customer desires. Some ladies prefer one wide ring while others change the guards or mix up the stack frequently to keep from getting bored and to create a custom look. This is what makes Hidalgo jewelry unique and has created a following.

Hidalgo Jewelry Collection 2009

Hidalgo offers rings in white, yellow, and pink gold. Some bands have recently been reintroduced after having been retired. Their popularity and frequent requests by customers caused Hidalgo to reintroduce them. Hidalgo also does personalized rings and special custom orders for customers who have special jewelry needs and items in their everyday lines do not tend to cover them. This might include items for weddings or special occasions.

Hidalgo White Gold Diamond Earrings

If you are interested in a special order, all you have to do is contact Hidalgo directly and begin the design process for your custom piece.

Hidalgo Jewelry 2009

This year, Hidalgo offered a new collection unlike anything they have ever offered before. They introduced a collection that allows for the use of names and personalization. Anything can be written, from a single name or a date to poems and short phrases. The ring collection is white, yellow, or pink gold with choice of colored enamel and personalization.

Hidalgo Stackable Rings

For current pricing and a list of all available items, www.hidalgojewelry.com has the most up to date information for customers. There are pictures on there to browse as well as videos, a list of retailers, and contact links and a way to request a brochure for those who wish to have a hard copy to look at.

Hidalgo Jewelry Collection 2008

Hidalgo also offers orders at a wholesale price for those who qualify and more information is on the website. In addition to all of this, there is the Hidalgo Club, which can be accessed directly via the website.

Hidalgo Gold Rings

For customers who might have questions, there is an area of editiorials and a frequently asked questions list, as well as a letter from the designer. Hidalgo offers more than just rings, as their site shows watches, pens, and more. Their items are reasonably priced and worth looking at, especially if one is loking for personalized or unique gold jewelry.

Hidalgo Jewelry website: http://www.hidalgojewelry.com/



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