Handcrafted Tibetan Jewelry is a Gift to Be Cherished

Handcrafted Tibetan Jewelry is a Gift to Be Cherished

If you have a friend or relative who follows the Zen Buddhist spiritual tradition, you have an easy option for holiday or other special occasion gifts for that person.  Whether the recipient is a male or female, a special piece of handmade Tibetan jewelry can be a lovely gift and cherished by the wearer for a lifetime. Both men and women who are already comfortable wearing jewelry can appreciate the classic silver rings, bracelets, prayer beads and any number of items you might select. If you know your recipient doesn’t usually wear a particular type of item, you might ask before purchasing to make sure he or she would wear that particular gift from you or prefer something else.

You can buy or purchase handmade Tibetan jewelry from a variety of venues, both online and in person. Sometimes you will find some great deals on jewelry and other times, you will need some significant cash to make a good investment. Check out the reputation of the seller and ask all the questions you want before you make your purchase. It’s a good idea to find out up front if your seller can guarantee the authenticity of the items you are purchasing or tell you that there is no return or exchange policy. Most companies are quite flexible in this challenging economy and willing to work with you.

Tibetan Jewelry

Handmade Tibetan jewelry comes in a variety of materials. When a piece of jewelry is made from bone or wood, it can be engraved as well as painted. Sometimes various types of materials will be combined in the same item. Frequently, jewelry will have traditional Tibetan colors and symbols that immediately signify the jewelry’s spiritual tradition. The Om symbol is one of the most well known symbols around the world and easily recognized as a Zen Buddhist Tibetan marking.

Tibet Potala Palace

When you are considering a custom-made or handmade Tibetan jewelry piece, make sure that the size of the jewelry suits the intended wearer. If rings, necklaces, or bracelets are too tight, the bearer will be less likely to wear the item. You can also personalize items with initials or other custom Tibetan sayings when you invest in these special gifts for yourself and friends. You might also think about giving a proper velvet bag or case to a friend to protect a gift of jewelry as well as a book or video about the Buddhist tradition.



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