Gemlok and Jean Vitau Jewelry

Gemlok and Jean Vitau Jewelry

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Those who wear and admire jewelry know that Gemlok and Jean Vitau jewelry has re-written the rules regarding diamonds and status. Up until thirty-five years ago, only four words, each word beginning with the letter “c,” determined the degree to which a diamond gave its wearer status. Those four words were “cut,” “color,” “clarity” and “carats.”

Then a French jeweler named Jean Vitau arrived in New York City. He had in his pocket three rings. Each of those three rings had a special kind of setting, a setting then unfamiliar to American jewelers.

Jean Vitau brought to America more than his skills as a jeweler. He also brought a sample of something called a “bar setting.” When a jeweler puts a diamond in a ring using a bar setting, that then reduces the chances that the diamond might eventually pull on some textured surface.

Gemlok Jewelry

Jewelers now say that any piece of jewelry with a bar setting has a “Gemlok.” All the diamonds among the Gemlok and Jean Vitau jewelry pieces have a Gemlok. Those who wear such diamonds enjoy a more care-free status, because they do not have to worry so much about the possibility that a diamond on a piece of jewelry might catch on a bit of material.

Most of those who wear Gemlok and Jean Vitau jewelry have fairly simple tastes. Although a display of elegance, each piece of Gemlok and Jean Vitau jewelry is also quite simple. Still, even those with simple tastes can not always feel satisfied to own a “good” piece of jewelry. Some people with simple tastes want the “best” jewelry; they thus want a piece of Gemlok or Jean Vitau jewelry.

Gemlok Bracelets

A number of pieces of Jean Vitau jewelry contain stones other than diamonds. The makers of those pieces of jewelry have selected gems with the most vivid and vibrant colors. They have then used those colorful stones to create jewelry pieces that seem to be inspired by Mother Nature.

They have made pins in the shape of a butterfly. They have used their colorful gems to replicate the natural colors of a butterfly. The same jewelers have created pins in the shape of a hummingbird, a leaf and a spider.

In addition, those who hope to wear a Jean Vitau pin can select between two natural-looking flowers. One of those flower-shaped pins resembles the shape of a pansy. The other pin looks more like a small iris. Both pins have the simplicity and elegance that one expects to find in any piece of Jean Vitau jewelry.

Moreover, the beauty of those same pins is sure to last, because each diamond in the pin has been added to the pin by jewelers who are familiar with a Gemlok.

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