French Jewelry Designers

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    We have so many talented and creative French Jewelry Designers in the fashion world today. There pieces are beautifully detailed, elegant and are wearable whatever the season or the occasion may be. Did you know that there is much vintage treasured French designed jewelry in museums around the world today? They are displayed showing the beautifully detailed and exquisite craftsmanship that went into each piece for the world to admire. Some have glittering and exuberant gemstones such as rubies, diamonds or emeralds, while others are distinct in their shapes and design traits in gold or silver. You could just imagine these pieces adorning a regal gown or even a royal one, maybe even being worn by a movie star or a princess as well.

    An artistic and detailed man named Jean Schlumburger from Mulhouse, France grew up always sketching and drawing designs throughout his childhood, even though he was being dissuaded by his family, he held onto it and his hope that it would prosper in his future.

    French Jewelry Collections

    Around the 1930 era Mr. Schlumburger was approached by Schiaparelli to create different styles and designs of buttons and jewelry, of a costume nature for his company on a basis of commissioned work.

    In the late 1940’s French jewelry designer Jean Schlumburger moved into the great New York City and started a career in clothing designs at the famous Chez Ninon. Soon afterwards he partnered with a man by the name of Nicolas Bongard; together they opened a jewelry boutique.

    French Jewelry Trends

    French Jewelry designer Jean’s biggest break came in the late 1950’s when a Mr. Walter Hoving, Tiffany’s president at the time, inquired about Jean designing for the exquisite company. He stayed with this amazing company until he retired in the 1970’s and he was eventually Vice President of the company as well.

    Another popular French jewelry designer named Christoph Burger studied goldsmith along with designing of jewelry from the Applied Arts School of Strasbourg. His jewelry pieces are contemporary and unique. He has a studio he works from in his home in the Colmar, France district.

    Christoph’s combination mixes a little Finnish touch with the avant-gardes style of the French. Many styles come in geometric designs with lovely creation made with glimmering and radiant gemstones with diamonds around them as well.

    French jewelry designer Coco Chanel is a name every one who is anyone has heard of throughout the world. Her jewelry designs were vibrant, bold and classy with a feminine touch to them all, whether it was earrings, rings, brooches, bracelets or necklaces.

    In Coco’s first collections of exquisite jewelry designs she used mostly brilliant diamonds paired with platinum for an exuberant piece. Later she started crafting these fine pieces using other vibrant and bold gemstones too. Some of this was made in the affordable costume nature for women who wanted the more extravagant looks but could not afford and others where of the Haute Couture varieties. Some designs she would even mix real gemstones in with the costume like counterparts for unique and different styles in design.

    French Jewelry

    Within the French Jewelry designers world of Chanel today styles and designs still hold true to Coco’s original classical and feminine styles with a touch of the contemporary and some futuristic appeal added in to keep these pieces modernized yet still somewhat timeless as well, for a unique and beautiful look.

    Each different French jewelry designers had or have their own approaches to the design styles and arrangements they see in their creative minds. Some use only one type of [precious metal such as gold, silver or platinum, while others prefer to add to the excitement and wind it all together for a truly spectacular piece.



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