Antique Military Rings

Antique Military Rings

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Much of man’s history is marked by the classic wars and battles that have been fought throughout the ages. Not only is collecting antique military rings a hobby that can open your eyes to many historical events it can also help you get in touch with the personal side of what goes into a real battle and a real war. The people that fought so bravely to defend their country sometimes leave behind a legacy that we can discover all over again in the military rings they leave behind and the stories that those military rings can tell all on their own.

Even the most battle tested soldier wants to take something away from their time in the military that they can display on a regular basis. A military ring is something that many military personnel get made to commemorate their time in the military. Some decorate their rings with the battles they have fought and the events that they feel shaped their time in the military. Military rings have been around as long as there has been a military. In ancient time conquering soldiers would wear the jewelry of those that they conquered as their badge of honor.

WW2 Military Ring

They would pass these rings and other pieces of jewelry to their future generations and then these rings would wind up in museums as artifacts from great wars and battles gone by. Antique military rings from service in wars that have happened in the past couple of centuries usually do not find their way into museums. Those that served have their jewelry passed on to their future generations and those that have lost their lives are usually remember for the rings they wore or there are rings made to commemorate their lives. Military jewelry can be very emotional items.

Antique Military Rings

Families that hold on to antique military rings are usually very reluctant to put them on display in any way. Either one family member will wear the ring as a memory of the life that was lost or the ring is put away to be passed down from generation to generation as a remembrance of those that bravely fought and lost their lives. It doesn’t matter what branch of the service they served in, all branches have rings to commemorate their service. The Air Force, the Army, the Navy, and the Marines all have ways of putting their service into the form of a ring. Most military divisions have their own logos and ring designs that are used for nearly all the rings that are made and worn by the people that have served. You can always tell what branch of service someone is in by the ring that they wear to commemorate their servic.

Antique Army Ring

Antique military rings can tell stories of wars that happened generations ago. Heroes from World War I have their rings passed on from generation to generation and those rings all have their own stories to tell. World War II veterans also have rings that they pass on to their children and grand children and these heroes of the last great war can put their stories and experiences all in the ring that they place on their finger. We can see these stories for ourselves and come in contact with that kind of history when we come across these antique military rings. It can be a very humbling experience.



  1. I found an old Airborne ring. Airborne is written across the top with an eagle’s head below.inscription says Taylor Maid sterling.

  2. I have a ring that has an eagle with a Diamond in the middle and an insigna on one side and a red cross with decorations on the other side it also has stamped a 32. I belive it is 14k gold. Do you have any idea what this ring might be?

  3. Dear Sir/Madam:
    I have an old ring that I think is military from approx. the 1940’s. It is heavy gold band with an eagle on a clear glass face with the letters FDE in the center of the eagle. It’s a mans size 10. Do you know what it is & if it’s of any value?
    Thank you!!

  4. Dear Sir,

    I would like to know the rate for this military ring for my personal purpose ..

    Thanking you]

  5. I have what looks like an old army class ring with e. pluribus unum on it with an eagle and 6 stars under it.. I was told it belonged to my great great grandfather but I dont know that for sure. Does anyone know where I could look that up and maybe see how old it is. Thanks..

    Any info send it to…

  6. I have a sterling silver military ring it has what looks like agold presidential seal in the center and diamond? In the upper left corner I know w/o a pic but can u tell me anything?

  7. Dear Sir:

    I have a wedding band I found with 3 small diamonds on the top. Inside it reads 14k Taylor Maid. It looks like white gold or silver. Can you tell me anything about this ring and what was Taylor Maid?

    Thank you,

  8. I have a ring from 1919 It might be military or a sweetheart ring. How do I get ahold of your site.

  9. Is there such a thing as a military mother’s ring which a mother would have worn if her son was in the service? The ring is gold the top of the ring is white edge in red and two blue stars are in the center field.

  10. Found a ring in my uncle’s stuff after he passed. It’s military ring from the philippine military academy 1940. It says philippine military academy 1940 around a blue stone. It has eagles on both sides and 1940 on one side and courage, integrity, and loyalty, on the other side. It has, Francisco M. Jimenez, philippine army, on the inside of the ring. Would like to know what the ring might be worth. Thank you, ron kress

  11. I have a sterling silver ring, which has an eagle on either side of the ring, one of which looks as though holding a sword adn the other with the wings spread holding a shield. On the face of the ring there is a small diamond in the centre with 8 lines coming from it in a star-like shape.
    I was wondering if you could give me any idea on where it has came from.


  12. My mother-in-law has an 1857 Army ring. It has a reversed flag with the inscription “Above us or around us”. It is engraved with the names James Monday and E.R. Warner. Any information about this ring would be greatly appreciated. It belonged to a family member.

  13. I have a bracelet from my grandmother. It reminds me of an Italian charm bracelet because it has 14 “crests”. Seven are gold and raised–like a crown or fleur d’lis. The others look like military unit crests and are enameled. I can’t find any information for most of them. Three have mottoes: cargoneek guyoxim, Les Terribles, and We Play the Game. Any ideas of where I can find out more information? Any help is appreciated.

  14. I have a friend who asked me to do a little digging about a ring she found. Here is the info on it.
    1. size 10 – 18kt gold US Army Ring.
    2. Year engraved on the ring is 1775.
    3. Ruby stone set in the middle.
    4. “Victory starts here” on one side.
    5. “This we will defend” on the other.
    6. USA on bottom of ring.
    Can anyone help me with more info. about this ring or websites to track such items.

  15. Hi found this old ring, grayish color has a view hole with 50s pinup girl modeling when looking through and has military metal on top wondering if anyone know anything more about it

  16. i found a united states navy ring thats sterling silver the dimond is a ruby red i dont know but it has ingraved 1775 on it i found it in my granpas stuffs after he had passed 2 years ago i was wondering if it is worth anything

  17. What is such a thing worth? Seriously? It means your uncle served for this country.

    Such military rings mostly hold sentimental value, it sounds like you’re just concerned about monetary value. If you wish to get down to monetary worth, that’s the value when you melt down the ring. Sounds like you’d have no qualms about doing that, and are a relative merely concerned with materialities rather than memories (what really matters).

  18. i found old ring at london oxfordcity in the year 1969 iwant to no about it have year and manholding arow can i now about thes ring

  19. The old ring i found in oxford city in London 1967 at the city the man with long hair he go fast from the bus then i find the ring on the floor its for him but he was ruining fast i have this ring now its circle with draw of man holding arrow and ther is letters and the the day some one tell me that the old army have there stamp with the name on there ring i want to no about can thanks.

  20. I found an old military ring with a latine enscription, and a cannon as a crest. any idea where I can have someone look at it to tell me where it might be from? Thanks Jeff

  21. I have a ring… no idea how old… center stone looks to be a small diamond… its surrounded by F L T on Blue, White, and Red fields, respectively… one side of the band has a skull and crossbones… the other side has what looks like a hand with a heart in the palm of it… 10K gold.

  22. I have a old ring from my grandfather. I dont know how old it is similar to the one in your picture above.It has a red stone and around the stone are letters “United states navy”. On one side of it there is an an anchor under USN letters and under them it says: Tradition, Valour, Victory. On the other side of the ring is an old sail boat with USN under it. Its 14k gold. I want to know what it´s worth.

  23. I have a gold Army-Aircorps ring with a slide -out tray for a picture. I purchased this ring In New York just after the attacks of 9/11. There is no sentimental value, just looking to see what a collector would offer. Thank you

  24. hi there my grandson has a ring…it is hallmarked 9ct gold it is raf wings signet ring which he inherited from his great grandfather…we cannot find another one of its kind anywhere…would you know anything about it and how much it would be worth?…thankyou

  25. I have a ring that I am trying to find more info on. It has 335th INF railsplitters written on the oval face. Above the writing is an axe cuting a rail. It is silver in color with 835 written on the inside. The sides have a flower like design that goes down the sides.

  26. I have an antique ring, belonged to my late father inlaw. It says Japan on one side and 1946 on the other, like a class ring. The top has a red octigon with a four white triangles that meet in the middle, not a cross. My father inlaw was in the Marine Corps in the 40’s, he was a DI stationed on the east coast.
    Have any idea where he may have gotten this?


  27. My Grandfather had a military ring, size 10, Sterling silver, no stone, with “USN” overlaid on the anchor/chain of the Navy on the front face. On three sides of the embossed front rectangle there are stars. There is also the motto of the US embossed on three sides, “E Pluribus Unum”. Was this an official military ring? From which war is this from or is this a service ring? How much is it worth?

  28. I found a ring, it may be copper and gold. or copper and brass, not sure.
    very worn out, was an uncle’s ring. Looks like a parachute in the center with a wing on each side. Anyone know about a military ring like that?
    My husband said he remembers his uncle talking back in the 60’s about having to parachute out of planes in the dark.

  29. I am hvae one army necklaces get from my gradfather I am don’t know but look like many years ago about first war in burma u s a army or uk army somting { 33273942 T42 A mrs bertha booth RT 246 rixbere pa} anybody know what this??? I am want know i am get in internet this name {george r booth fine in deth already what I am do now??????

  30. My dad has one just like the ring you described. His, the color on top has worn off. My dad, is 83 yrs old, and when asked he just said the 8th infantry division. Didn’t really remember anything else about it. My dad was in Japan – right after it was bombed. He assisted in the clean up.

    We are looking for info on the ring also.
    Think it is sterling silver – not sure.

  31. i found a wwII sterling military ring but it doesnt have the eagle on the top it hasthe word Royal on it instead but its the same in everyother way

  32. ive seen one that is blank on the top but have searched n havnt seen anything about one that says royal on it..if anyone has any info on it please let me know

  33. Hi Ron Kress,

    I’m really very anxious to get a respond or to get hold of you.I know the owner of that ring that you mentioned.I’m also interested to know the name of your Uncle that Passed away that kept that ring.I hope you still have that PMA 1940 ring in your possession.

    Hope to hear from you. Please advise how I can reach and talk to you. Thank you in advance.

    Thanks, Mich

  34. To Ron Kress,

    Very Very important I get hold of you regarding the ring PMA 1940 with Francisco M. Jimenez engraved on it that you found after your Uncle Passed away.Please conatact me ASAP.


  35. Does anyone have any idea how I can reach or contact Ronald Kress? Please send me an email how i can reach him.It is very important I talk to him about the ring that he found when his Uncle passed away.Thank you in advance.


  36. Hi Ron Kress,

    I’m really very anxious to get a respond or to get hold of you.I know the owner of that ring that you mentioned.I’m also interested to know the name of your Uncle that Passed away that kept that ring.I hope you still have that PMA 1940 ring in your possession.Please advise how much you want to sell the ring as it is very important to our family.I hope you can read my email so I can talk to you more about it in detail.Really very important for me to reach you.Thanks in advance.


  37. Hi Geroy,

    Not quite sure if you are responding to my post regarding Ron Kress for the ring he found when his Uncle Died.
    I’m really very anxious to find or contact him bec. I know the whole story of that ring and the person who really owns it.
    That ring was entrusted to a friend when the war broke out and was to be returned to the original owner after the war.
    That is why I want to exchange note with Ron for his Uncles name. There is only one Francisco M. Jimenez that graduated in 1940 in PMA and that is my grandfather.


  38. These are very cool designs. So far I’ve been working on creating warrior-inspired pendants but think some rings would be awesome. It’s possible to get the license for the current military services, but I’d probably start out a little further back in history.

  39. i have an old military ring its gold i would like to know what its for and how much i could pawn it for

  40. Hi,

    Is there any way you can help me to connect to Ron Kress who inquired in this site that he found a ring after his Uncle Passed away.
    RONALD KRESS on Feb 17, 2010
    The ring he was inquiring belongs to my grandfather who graduated in Philippine Military Academy 1940. Any information you might have please email me at

    Thank you in advance.

  41. I metal detect in lake and find military rings from time to time where do I find buyers could you e-mail me with any info. thanks Rob

  42. I have a man’s ring that is antique and origin unknown. It is sterling silver. The face as a raised silhouette of a ancient soldier. The face also looks like it is made of wood? There are longhorned steers on each side. This was from my husband’s father’s family. Any ideas?

  43. I have a sterling silver grouse co infantry ring it has an eagle on either side holdong a badge with its wings open and on the face is two crossed riffles with US ARMY under it and INFANTRY over where did it come from whats ot woth at this point my curiosity is blazing ive spent 92 hours this week trying to find it but only one i can find has no face and never dated so im intrigued i was told its civil war era but cant be sure it was given to me by my great grandmother to protect i NEED to know how special it is i havent talen ot off my finger in five years

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