Featured in Many Advertisements: Macys Fine Jewelry

Featured in Many Advertisements: Macys Fine Jewelry

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After customers seeking an appropriate gift walk through the door of a Macys Department Store, they frequently wander over to the section that contains all of Macys fine jewelry. They hope to find the perfect gift item among the many gold and silver pieces in that section. Those who want a present for a female might consider a white gold diamond bracelet, one with a swirled shape. It contains a combination of round cut and baguette cut diamonds. In fact, outside of the pieces with the black diamonds, most of Macys accessories have the dazzling quality of an accessory item that is meant to be worn by a woman.

Some of those dazzling items are earrings. A number of the earrings are gold or silver studs, studs decorated with one or more diamonds. At least one set features a pair of diamonds, each of which sits in a white gold prong. Another pair has the ability to enhance an outfit with two diamond drip earrings.

Sometimes a pair of earrings has become part of an entire set. That set might contain a necklace and ring, along with the ear pieces. Those three items might be fashioned from sterling silver. Each of them might contain a blue topaz stone, along with accents of white topaz.

Macys Fine Jewelry

Among the various pieces of Macys fine jewelry, a shopper can find a large number of different rings. Certainly, there are plenty of engagement rings. Still, Macy’s jewelers do not devote all of their time to the creation of engagement rings. They make other accessories for wearing on the hand as well.

They have made a beautiful rose gold ring with rubies and diamonds along the edges. In addition, they have placed yellow gold and white gold together in a band for around the finger. Then they have decorated that two tone band with a green amethyst and a diamond.

Macys Amethyst Fine Jewelry

Three different bands – one of yellow gold, one of white gold and one of rose gold – have been used in combination with a lovely flower shaped decoration. That flower shaped object contains both white and black diamonds. The name LeVian has been placed on a different combination of diamonds, one that combines chocolate gemstones with clear ones. That combination has been placed atop a diamond pave band. Still another group of rings pairs a clear gemstone with a cultured pearl. In one such ring a single pearl sits on a yellow or white gold band. Along its sides, the jeweler has placed an accent weave, one made from diamonds. In another ring, a shopper finds a freshwater pearl on top of either a gold or silver band. That pearl too has an accent along its sides, a diamond leaf.

All of those fine items can make any outfit appear more beautiful and elegant. All of them reflect the artistry and skill of the artisans who crafted them. Any one of them would serve as a fitting gift for a loved one, a special acquaintance or a treasured friend.


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