Faberge Jewelry Collections

Faberge Jewelry Collections

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The Faberge company has a multitude of great jewelry. There are many different styles to choose for your day or evening wear. These include necklaces, earrings, bracelets, egg pendants, and watches. They also have a nice selection for the men as well. They have cuff links and rings for the gentleman in your life.

The men’s cuff links come in sterling silver or 18-karat gold. They have a set of pink elephants that are simply stunning. They also have several with both silver and gold inlays. Many have diamonds in the center or around the top. French enamel provides the rich colors in each design. For the rings, you can have your choice of a gold ring with several different designs on top. These include the use of diamonds in the inlay as well. Some have a rectangle top and other have a square.

Faberge Eggs Jewelry

For the ladies, there are many wonderful pieces to choose. The chain link bracelets come in sterling silver and 18-karat gold and have several bright gemstones attached to them. They have many variations of the same bracelet. So browse all of them to see which one fits your style. One of the bracelets has blue enamel beads with a diamond egg in the center. Another has blue eggs all the way across, and yet another bracelet has different color eggs across its length.

Authentic Faberge Jewelry

There are a number of broaches that can be found from Faberge as well. They come in the form of a dragonfly, a colorful bird, pelicans, and bees. All of these pins have different colors of French enamel and diamonds around or in them. They also come in sterling silver or 18-karat gold, sometimes there is a mix of both to enhance the look.

Faberge Jewelry Collection

The Faberge necklaces come with sterling silver or gold chains. They have the Faberge egg hanging on them, usually up to five in one color or different colors. Some have gold inlays. Some of the eggs are made of diamonds. The pendants that were made to go on the chains are simply gorgeous. They are made of every color under the sun with gold and silver inlays.  Some are made completely of diamonds, and some have a surprise inside if you open them up.  Some eggs are striped or have crisscross designs for a different look. These are very beautiful items to purchase especially at Easter.

Faberge Eggs Clocks

The Faberge earrings are even more spectacular. They are sterling silver and have sapphires either for decoration or as an inlay. They have many different designs such as crisscross designs and semi-circles. These are very intricately made pieces, and they have small diamonds placed on their faces as well.

Gemstone Faberge Jewelry

You won’t find more beautiful pieces than these. You just have to take one look, and you will fall in love with them. Faberge has many stunning pieces that you can choose. You are sure to find one that matches your personality and style in jewelry. Find the piece that is quintessentially you.

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