Elizabeth R. Agte Handcrafted Jewelry

Elizabeth R. Agte Handcrafted Jewelry

Elizabeth Agte has shown herself to be a very versatile jeweler. She has made beautiful pieces out of both clay and metal. At her studio in Rochester, New York, Ms. Agte shares her skills and training with students. She shows those students how to produce jewelry from a diverse array of items.

Some of her students learn how to work with sterling silver. Others learn how to create pretty copper jewelry. Ms. Agte knows how to shape such metals in a number of different ways. She can make jewelry that takes-on a classical look, as well as jewelry that has more modern geometric designs.

Elizabeth R. Agte Stone Bracelets

Recently, Ms. Agte has developed an interest in the spiritual use of jewelry. Perhaps she will design some jewelry that could be used as a fund-raising tool by an organization that included members of many different religions. Maybe she will find a way to put together a star and crescent, a Star of David and a nine-pointed star.

Elizabeth R. Agte Copper Necklace

Maybe she will expand her line of “musical instruments,” giving religious groups new ways to praise the Lord. So far, she has offered for sale only acorn cap whistles. Those whistles reflect her desire to include elements of nature in her jewelry.

Elizabeth R. Agte Cryptic Cuff

Agte jewelry does not contain any real acorn caps. Some Agte jewelry, though, does contain beer caps. Some Agte jewelry contains parts of computer panels and parts of airplanes. Ms Agte penchant for recycling has led to the creation of jewelry that has been designed around buttons, old coins and even human hair.

Elizabeth R. Agte Dice Bracelet

Perhaps Ms. Agte would like to combine her desire to recycle items with her interest in the spirituality of jewelry. If so, she will need to travel far from Rochester, New York. She should plan to fly over to Iran.

Elizabeth R. Agte Jungle Earrings

The land and climate in Iran bear a marked resemblance to the American West, a region of the U.S. with which Ms. Agte is familiar. In Iran, there is also one family that has a few cherished human hairs. They come from a religious leader.

Elizabeth R. Agte Silver Rings

Ms. Agte might want to create a way to put such a hair in a piece of jewelry reminiscent of ancient Persia. If Ms. Agte can not find the family with those strands of hair, then she might want to travel the countryside looking for black onyx, lapis, carnelian, agate and jasper. Ms. Agte knows how to fashion wonderful pieces of jewelry from those stones.

Elizabeth R. Agte Pendants

Maybe Ms. Agte will feel inspired by a Persian poem to work with a new and different stone. Maybe she will decide to make a collection of jewelry that contains sapphires. Still, Ms Agte is not apt to become misguided, after reading one of the Persian poems. She would have no reason to waste her time looking for a blue sapphire. Ms Agte knows a great deal about gemstones. She knows that natural sapphires come in lavender, yellow and pink. They do not appear blue when taken from the ground.

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