Double Breasted Suits Give Way to Designer Men’s Jewelry

Double Breasted Suits Give Way to Designer Men’s Jewelry

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Sixty years ago the well dressed man wore a double breasted suit and a hat. Now, the men pictured in modern day magazines wear nothing on their heads, and only occasionally wear a suit. A number of those men, those who are most idolized by young people, wear some type of designer men’s jewelry.

Today, rap singers appear in public wearing rings, fancy watches and chains. As a result, the young men of our present day society have shown an ever increasing interest in such items. Those young men have chosen to spend some of their hard earned money on designer men’s jewelry.

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As jewelry for men has enjoyed an increasing popularity, two gemstones have begun to receive wider public attention. Those gemstones are the dark blue sapphire and the black onyx. This article examines the appeal, among men, of those two gemstones.

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First, it should be noted that not all sapphires have a dark blue color. A sapphire can be light blue, or even a pastel color. Yet those gems of sapphire that have a deep, dark blue color look stunning when surrounded by a white gold or light yellow gold casing. Therefore, a man can really make a statement, just be wearing a piece of designer jewelry with an embedded sapphire.

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There’s another aspect of the sapphire that the reader should bear in mind. The sapphire is one of the more expensive gemstones. Thus, the ability of a man to purchase and wear an item of jewelry with a sapphire implies his access to a generous amount of money. Yet men who have more limited means can obtain sapphires by going online and seeking out a jeweler that offers sapphire decorated jewelry at more reasonable prices.

Recently, it has become rather easy for the average man to obtain a piece of jewelry with a black onyx. Unfortunately, that fact is due to the appearance of manufactured black onyx stones. Such stones might begin as red, orange or brown agates, and then they are stained, so that they look black. Natural black onyx is both rare and expensive.

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History has, however, long associated the black onyx with symbols of manliness. Kings have worn rings with a black onyx. Some knights decided to have their shields decorated with a black onyx. The rap singers and other celebrities of today have also elected to put on jewelry that contains one or more black onyx gemstones. They have reinforced the association between the black onyx and high ranking male figures.

Now the sapphire and the black onyx are not always set in a ring, a watchband or the medallion on a chain. A smaller gemstone might be placed in a tie clasp or a money clip. Those two items represent other forms of designer men’s jewelry.

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Yet the popularity of the tie clasp depends on the popularity of the tie. Early in 2009, when President Obama attended an even in New York City, he chose to dispense with his tie. Fashion experts are waiting to see how that act might affect the rising popularity of all jewelry for men.



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