Dian Malouf Jewelry Design

Dian Malouf Jewelry Design

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Dian Malouf is a jewelry designer that has many talents besides jewelry making. These interests leak into her designs and inspire the wearers all over the nation. Her unique designs are recognized all over the nation and have previewed at places such as Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue. She is generally interested in the rare and unusual. This attitude is reflected in her work. Malouf designs are indeed rare and unusual. Her other professional interests include the environment, women’s health, and Texas. All of these interests have become a part of her design approach.

Probably the most popular Dian Malouf jewelry design is her ‘Go Girl’ ring. Women from all over have found meaning in this ring for many reasons. Malouf hears from these women all the time. They share their stories of belief in themselves, power in overcoming and joining together to support each other. The Go Girl collection is more than just the silver engraved ring featuring the words ‘go girl’.

Dian Malouf Jewelry Designer

The silver ring collection is also graced with engraved words like ‘darling’, ‘baby’, ‘sweetie’, etc. Some of the collection feature stars, checks, diagonal lines, or criss-crossing. Malouf says that she created the collection to remind women to celebrate all the occasions in their lives that deserve celebrating and to remind them to belief in themselves.

Dian Malouf Turquoise Ring

Dian Malouf jewelry also includes a collection based on the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe. The collection is called Virgen de Guadalupe. It includes sterling silver and gold pieces and two tone pieces. Some of the more intricate designs include turquoise as well.

Dian Malouf Charm Necklace

There are pins and pendants, bracelets and necklaces in the collection. The bracelets in the collection have delightful charms of crosses set with turquoise and pendants with both gold and silver in the form of the Virgin.

Dian Malouf Religious Ring

Dian Malouf jewelry can be difficult to obtain. She has stores in Texas, Tennessee, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Nebraska, Missouri, Louisiana, and Kansas. She conducts trunk shows throughout those same areas. She also is represented at several online stores like Karla’s, Charde, J. Silver, Trends and Traditions, Artwares, and B. Ellen. She doesn’t operate her own online store.

Dian Malouf Jewelry

Malouf’s jewelry is unique and beautiful and it is gaining a following quickly. Take the opportunity to own jewelry that is inspired by worthy causes and get a Dian Malouf design that supports women all over the nation, or shows faith.

Dian Malouf official site: dian-malouf.com



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