Damiani Jewelry Company

Damiani Jewelry Company

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In 1924 Envico Grassi Damiani opened a small jewelry store. That small operation has expanded greatly. It is now an international company, one with a visible presence on the Internet.

The makers of Damiani jewelry have discovered how to blend admirable craftsmanship with a nod to tradition. The Damiani jewelry often shows the influence of foreign designs, specifically the designs in the Samurai sword. In addition, the Damiani jewelers put beautifully cut stones in exquisitely designed metal pieces.

Damiani Engagement Ring

The Damiani jewelers often cut their diamonds in a unique manner. They then put those specially cut diamonds in the side of a wedding band. They thus create a channel of diamonds. The wonders made with Damiani diamonds have not gone unnoticed. Damiani jewelry has won 18 different De Beers diamond awards.

Wedding rings in Co-designed by Damiani and Brad Pitt

Damiani jewelry includes a marvelous collection of estate jewelry. The items in that collection are sold to those willing to pay the rather high price. The estate jewelry on sale at the website for Damiani jewelry comes from a wide span of time.

Damiani Bloody Mary, Oscar Collection

There are old pieces of jewelry from the 1920’s. Antique jewelry lovers can find a diamond filigree ring at the Damiani website. The same website has pictures of jewelry pieces from the 1930’s. It contains photographs of a color change sapphire ring, a jadite finger ring and a cameo ring.

Damiani Eden Bracelet, Oscar Collection

The estate jewelry on sale at the Damiani website comes from points all over the world. One can find a silver handmade Swedish bracelet among the estate jewelry available on the Damiani website. The crafters of that bracelet worked on their creation back in the 1960’s.

One can also find items from the southwestern region of the Untied States on the Damiani website. One 1960’s bracelet was made by New Mexican jewelers. Another piece of estate jewelry, a 1950’s necklace, was crafted from turquoise and silver.

Damiani Bermude Ring, Oscar Jewelry Collection

The long history of Damiani jewelry explains the website’s focus on estate jewelry. After all, the first piece of Damiani jewelry might have been fashioned at the same time as more than one item among the estate jewelry collection. It would be interesting to learn the exact history behind each piece of jewelry in the Damiani estate collection.

Damiani Italian Jewelry

How did a bracelet crafted in Sweden end up among the pieces of Damiani estate jewelry? How did a bracelet made in New Mexico make its way to Italy, where it became part of the Damiani estate jewelry collection? How did a simple cameo ring gain the privilege of joining the beautiful estate jewelry sold by the Damiani Jewelry Company?

Damiani Hongkong Lights, Oscar Collection

Each piece of jewelry in the Damiani estate jewelry collections has the style and design that is associated with a classic piece of jewelry. At the same time, each piece of jewelry in the Damiani estate jewelry collection reflects the traditions and spirit of the time period when it was created. Only jewelry that displays a combination of both skillful attention to detail and revival of an old tradition can be selected to go in the ever-expanding collection of Damiani estate jewelry.

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  1. I bought a pair of earrings and was told they were Diamani however they only show inside: 14K but it does not have an indication that they are Diamani. But no that I think about, all italian jewelry is 18K so I was not thinking… the earrings are in white gold with diamonds and are shaped as an X. My question: Should there be the Diamani name on the earrings? Please confirm.

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