Baccarat Jewelry – French Splendor

Baccarat Jewelry – French Splendor

The first move toward the creation of Baccarat Jewelry took place in 1764. During that year, King Louis XV of France granted to Bishop de Montmorency-Laval permission to establish a glassworks in the village of Baccarat.

The King’s decision paved the way for the production of beautiful crystal at a facility in France’s eastern city of Lorraine.

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Until 1907, most of the Baccarat crystal appeared among items that the more prosperous Europeans wanted to display in their homes. Then the public suddenly increased its demand for lovely glass bottles. The public wanted to see such bottles used as containers for French perfume.

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In 1907 the best-known perfume makers turned to Baccarat with a request. They wanted fashionably designed bottles for their perfumes. Baccarat and his workers produced those bottles – all 4,000 of them.

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Almost 85 years later, the world again made note of the glassworks that turned out Baccarat crystal. In 1993, the techniques developed by workers in that glassworks were used to introduce a new line of jewelry. Since 1993, Baccarat jewelry designers have created a new design on an annual basis. Some of those designers have worked with France’s most skilled craftsmen.

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After devoting eight years to crafting jewelry, the designers at Baccarat raised the curtain on their work with precious and semiprecious stones. The Baccarat designers had developed a method for attaching those colorful stones to the Baccarat crystal. The Baccarat designers decided to give their new jewelry collection a name – “Les Precieux.”

Baccarat Jewelry

The Baccarat designers had launched their new collection by pursuing an original idea: The material in a piece of jewelry does not serve the design; it directs the nature of that design. The jewelers chose designs that would enhance the beauty of the Baccarat crystals.

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The jewelers used their unique designs to highlight the transparency in the crystal. They relied on the neutral color in the crystal to accent the vivid colors in the gemstones. The beauty of the Baccarat Jewelry allowed the world to benefit from the collaboration between the skilled workers at the glassworks and the respected artisans who could cut gems and mold gold.

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In each piece of Baccarat Jewelry, a skilled hand has laid gold and gemstones in a crystal. Each stage of the creation of that piece of jewelry has demanded the utmost effort. First, the maker of Baccarat Jewelry must mount a gemstone to a crystal, using carefully molded gold. Then the jeweler must gently polish that same piece of jewelry.

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The entire procedure demands an exacting eye. It also calls for the exhibition of dexterity. Only the most skilled craftsmen can create the sort of beauty that has been produced by the makers of Baccarat Jewelry.

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In one collection, all of the jewelry pieces resemble a heavenly body during an eclipse. The nature of the light that appears during an eclipse has been re-created in a number of pieces of Baccarat jewelry.

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The harmonious colors in the Baccarat Jewelry complement the complexion of any woman who chooses to wear such jewelry.

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