The Fun Of Baby Shoe Charms

The Fun Of Baby Shoe Charms

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Jewelry has been popular since ancient times and just about everyone wears some type of jewelry. A very popular type of jewelry is necklaces, bracelets and anklets that hold charms. Wearing charms is, well, quite charming! The numbers of different charms that are produced are just about countless; however one of the most popular types are baby shoe charms. Baby shoe charms are so cute and come in so many color and variations that they will match just about any outfit. Take a look at the world of baby shoe charms and be charmed at just how cute they are.

One of the fastest growing trends in fun jewelry is baby shoe charms. These dangling charms are so popular that new styles are constantly being created. When you think of baby shoe charms you may just think of the standard pink or blue charms. They, of course, symbolize pink for a girl baby and blue for a boy baby. Now that this type of jewelry has become so poplar, the styles that you can find go far beyond pink or blue baby shoe charms.

Amethyst Baby Shoe Charm

Think of a color, any color! That is what you will find when you look for these types of charms. Not only will you find baby shoes charms in just about any color imaginable, you will also find them with just about every decoration imaginable. You may wonder how these charms are created, when the creator of them has so little space to work on, but you can find pink shoes with white strips and blue and purple flowers on them!

Diamond Baby Shoe Pendant

When people purchase baby shoe charms, they may wish for gems on them that represent their baby’s birth month and this is a very popular thing to do. Obviously, you will need to know which stone symbolizes which month. There are actually two lists; a traditional list and a modern list. A modern list was created because some of the gems that are on the traditional list were very rare and therefore making the gem very expensive. However, many people prefer to go by the first, traditional list when choosing gems. If you are thinking of looking at baby shoe charms and want to know about birthstones, this will be of help to you.

The gem stone for January is the garnet. This is a wonderful gem because it comes in so many colors. February’s gem is the amethyst and this is a wonderful purple gem that is made out of the mineral quartz. March’s gem is the aquamarine which is a shiny light blue gem that reminds people of the ocean.

Sapphire Baby Shoe Pendant

April’s gem is the diamond; this is one reason why the traditional list of gems was changed to a modern one, as most people are aware, diamonds can be very expensive in comparison to other gems. May’s gem is the elegant emerald which is an absolutely beautiful dark green stone.

The gem for June is the pearl which may remind you of your aunt’s pearl necklace. Pearls are considered of good taste and certainly do not need to just be used for necklaces. July’s gem is the red ruby and it may interest you to know that a ruby is can be pink as well.

Enamel Baby Shoe Charm

Not everyone has heard of the peridot; however it is the traditional gem of the month of August. This gem is a lovely light green color. The gem for September is the blue sapphire and not many people know that the ruby and the sapphire are the same gem, but found in different colors. October’s gem is the opal which is a very interesting gem because it gives off different pastel shades off of a white stone.

November’s gem is the citrine, which is very difficult to find. IN many cases, yellow topaz is used instead. December gives us the gem called the turquoise which has always been a very popular gem for jewelry.


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