American Jewelry Design Council

American Jewelry Design Council

Although the jewelry designers that may come to mind when you think of it may not be American, there are plenty of well known American jewelry designers already out there like Henry Dunay and Jose Hess. In fact, there are thousands more of American jewelry designers who have not yet left their mark on the jewelry design world, and are helped each year by the American Jewelry Design Council (AJDC) founded in 1988 by Dunay and Hess. The AJDC helps introduce new American jewelry designers to the world and gives them a chance to get their work out there and known.

When one thinks of jewelry designers the names that may come to mind are Harry Winston, Cartier, Bulgari, and so on, with very few American names coming to mind. However, there are some major American jewelry designers that are quite well known as well as up and coming. Have you ever heard of Tiffany’s? Tiffany’s is one of the most important and influential of American jewelry companies and has grown to be a household name, even for those households that could never afford a piece of jewelry from the infamous store. Because there are relatively so few American jewelry designers known worldwide, there have been steps taken in recent years to change that.

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One way that American jewelry designers are getting a chance to make their names known and their pieces seen by people all over is through the American Jewelry Design Council (AJDC). The American Jewelry Design Council is a nonprofit organization that helps promote the understanding and acceptance of jewelry design as an art rather than just a craft. In doing so, this organization helps American jewelry designers get their name and jewelry out there in the world.

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The American Jewelry Design Council was actually founded and established by eight well known American jewelry designers back in 1988. Two of these American designers were Henry Dunay and Jose Hess. The main objectives of the Council are to raise awareness of original jewelry as an art, to educate and encourage an appreciation of original jewelry, to exchange ideas and knowledge, to establish a set of standards for excellence, and to promote an artistic identity of jewelry to the public’s perception. Every year since its inception, the American Jewelry Design Council has offered educational activities ranging from panel discussions, publications, studio visits, lectures, and exhibitions.

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The American Jewelry Design Council holds a major contest each year that helps introduce new talent in fine jewelry making to the world. The contest winner receives a free booth at the New Designer Gallery at the July JA Show in New York, which is one of the best ways for an up and coming American jewelry designer to get his or her name out there – and their jewelry! The AJDC allows any American jewelry designer to participate in the contest that has never exhibited at the New York JA Show.

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For more information on the most influential of American jewelry designers as those who are about to make their debut in the jewelry world, you can log on to the AJDC website to find out more. The American Jewelry Design Council showcases the works of many American jewelry designers as well as provides an educational look at the history of jewelry design. For any jewelry enthusiast, this council is an integral part of the jewelry design world.

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