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Abrasha Jewelry

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Abrasha metal art jewelry is based out of San Francisco, California. Designer Abrasha takes metals of precious and semiprecious origin and creates unusual combinations and designs that stand out from traditional designs and jewelry concepts. His jewelry making goes beyond the standard rings, necklaces, and bracelets that many designers tout on their sites, as Abrasha covers all aspects of jewelry making.

From wedding jewelry to everyday fashion pieces, to one of a kind custom made jewelry pieces to Jewish ceremonial art, Abrasha covers all aspects and offers much that many commercial jewelry makers do not, let alone independent jewelers and designers. His work is even part of the Smithsonian collection in Washington DC.

Abrasha Hematite Earrings

Abrasha’s website is informative and extensive; it offers not only a thorough history of the artist and an extensive view of his works but much other information as well.

Abrasha Barrel Pendants

Abrasha studied in West Germany and the influences are clear in his pieces. The designs are simple, with a strong nod to simplicity that reflects both Japanese traditions and the Bauhaus movement. Abrasha makes his own gold alloys and also uses platinum, silver, and fine gems in his creations. Sometimes found objects such as discarded CO2 cartridges or pieces of plywood will find a way into a piece of jewelry as well. It is all about simplicity, harmony, and the final feel a piece creates. Computer design aids Abrasha in designing many of his pieces but the final feel is not computerized but ethereal.

Abrasha Ruby Ball Ring

Some of the machined bands created by Abrasha are the ideal of perfection. Smooth, sleek lines create a seamless marriage where two alloys meet. Many of his creations are a mix of steel and gold, or gold and titanium, but on the site it notes that any combination can be made. Perfect geometric harmony with an explosion of stones sprinkled on a metallic landscape is what Abrasha creates and sells. His rings are timeless.

Abrasha Bracelet

An unusual characteristic of his site is that many of his pieces can be modified and made to specifications of the buyer.

Abrasha Carbondioxide Necklace

Also, some pieces have a history in photos showing exactly how they were created. Some jewelry buyers do not like to show how they make their pieces but Abrasha is not shy about showing off his work or his methods.

Abrasha Drain Cover Brooch

There is a whole section entitled ‘process’ where one can see exactly what it takes for Abrasha to make some of his pieces and the quality that goes into each piece of handmade jewelry.

Abrasha Machined Ring

The site also features video links, a gallery, a 3-D design area that shows some pieces on a revolving platform, a studio link, and an external links section. There is also a short biography for those wanting to know more about Abrasha himself. In addition to this there is a contact page for those wanting to contact the artist directly.

Abrasha Tallit Clasp

Abrasha is open to the idea of designing custom made pieces for those who request it, a feature that not all designers are willing to do. Abrasha’s site features many unusual and beautiful pieces of jewelry, and is truly worth looking at if someone is searching for the piece of jewelry to fit when nothing else will do.

Abrasha official site: www.abrasha.com



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