2008 Diamond Jewelry Trends

2008 Diamond Jewelry Trends

An old year has passed and a new one has just begun. This means that all last years trends, styles and fashion are no out of date and newer, hipper trends and styles are coming onto play. This includes clothing, purses, belts, shoes, accessories and of course, jewelry.

That’s why knowing the 2008 diamond jewelry trends is so important, not only for yourself but for others you may be shopping for as well. It seems each year the jewelry trends become even more spectacular and brilliant and the 2008 diamond jewelry trends this year are even better. There are many designs and styles of necklaces, anklets, bracelets, rings and earrings which offer the new hipper, happier attitudes of today’s people.

2008 Diamond Jewelry Trends

For the 2008 diamond jewelry trends some of the more warmer type colors are being weeded out to make way for the brilliant blues, such as sapphire, topaz and aquamarine being intermingled with classic diamonds for added beauty and elegance in jewelry designs this year.

Pink Sapphire & Diamond Baby Shoe Pendant

Pinker and Purplish diamonds with added touches of topaz and amethyst are also going to be big, especially during the spring and summer seasons this year for the 2008 diamond jewelry trends.

Sapphire & Diamond Ring

Right now pink diamonds in lighter and darker shadings are all the rage, pink is now the “HOT” it color of the moment. This applies to everything from clothing, shoes, accessories, belts, purses and even cell phones and computers in this vibrant color. So run out and start getting up with the times, if your favorite color is pink then this is your year.

Yellow Diamond Pendant

Another of the 2008 diamond jewelry trends you may not be expecting is making a rather large debut. Its yellow diamonds and other yellow stones like citrine, topaz and cubic zirconia are for the more affordable people’s wallet. Yellow diamonds will be placed within bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings, even on pins and hair clips or holders for a fun and exciting blend to this years fashion schemes. Wearing this bright and vibrant color will definitely let more sun shine upon you.

Diamond Teardrop Necklace

In 2008 diamond jewelry trends you will be seeing many more updated versions of jewelry from the past. Charms and charm bracelets and necklaces are making a huge comeback for this 2008 season. Instead of the vintage standard of just gold or silver, now these pieces are available with the added brilliance and beauty of diamonds as well. These diamonds can be in an array of colors to suit your taste and be worn with anything.

White & Black Diamond Necklace

The most popular 2008 diamond fashion trend making another vintage type comeback is that of the brooch. Brooches used to be worn for everything from hat decorations, pendants, and dress accessories as well. Now these tried and true favorites are getting hipper and up to date designs adding to their elegance dazzling diamonds. For the spring and summer seasons the brooches which have some safari or animal theme are going to be huge as well as the clothing being shown on the runways in safari patterns.

White Gold Diamond Ring

Diamonds are truly every girl or woman’s best friend and any guy who buys us one is tops on our lists. All of the 2008 diamond jewelry trends are spectacular and come in designs that everyone will find breathtaking. More of the stars will be showing up on the red carpet as well as the beach wearing some of these trends this spring and summer.


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